Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Reasons for communication gap

Loads of books have been written on effective communication and related topics. A quick googling on reasons for communication gap, did not turn out anything interesting, simple and straight to the point. Therefore i decided to blog my thoughts on this. Some reasons according to me are  -
  1. Fear - Sometimes when the position of 2 parties are not same, then because of fear, you may not have clear communication. People should not have the fear, that what they speak in front of you shall be used against them.
  2. Mistrust - If the persons engaged in communication do not trust one another, then they are not actually listening. both try to do one way communication, or worst still, they just don't bother to communicate.
  3. Contempt- if there is contempt, then that reflects in words, and leads to dirty or half hearted conversations.
  4. Fixed ideas - People are just too fixated on what they want other person to understand and know, that they just do not listen. Not listening, breaks down the communication.
  5. lack of homework - Sometimes it is good that before talking you do research on the topic and then speak. Else the communication leads nowhere, and leads to a gap.
  6. Body language and tone - if body language and tone is not right, then right communication does not happen. Insurance companies, just by listening to the tone of doctors voice, can predict rightly the probability of that doctor getting sued.
  7. Communication medium - some discussions are best over emails, personal, phone etc. You need to chose correct medium and  environment to ensure proper communication..
What do you think? i am sure to have missed out many....

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