Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tata Aria: Who would buy?

Tata Aria: Review Tata Aria, Price, Photos and Technical Specifications of Tata Aria

I am wondering at the price and placement of Tata Aria. Priced in the range of 14-17L on road, who would buy this? No wonder many beautiful features have been added, but one needs to visit the Tata service center to understand how much they are crowded by taxis and how much they are overworked to deal with cars in this range. Being a tata safari owner i know the pain the service center people are.

People who would be shelling out this much amount would shell few more to go for vitara, toyota fortuner or endeavour.

Probably tata would launch a strip down version on this to give competition to Mahindra XYLO and innova..

Tata is a good player in the value for money segment, but i am wondering which segment does aria fit in..


~ ॐ ~ said...

I saw it on the road, and a few in pictures over the net!

Looked like the rear of a Honda City merged into the front of an Indigo and raised onto a higher platform to look like an Innova!!

Would I buy it over a Safari? Probably not!

Does it look worth it?
Probably not!

Feature loaded? Yes! but so is Manza, and it looks sad too!

And your post made me realize the service part too!

I am going to keep eyeing the Pajero!!!

someday!!! sigh!

Ankur said...

@prashant - it would have made more sense adding the advanced features to safari and probably adding another top end variant to it. But probably the people at TATA would have thought something also...i am only wondering what??