Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Water fountain view from the observation deck at 124th floor

Watching the dubai from burj khalifa was wonderful experience. The view was like from a plane just when it is about to land. All the buildings that appear so tall when on ground started looking so small from the 124th floor.

Getting to burj khalifa was a little expensive and tricky. There is always a 2 day waiting list for the 100 AED ticket. If you want immediate entry then the ticket is 400 AED per person.

We went to khalifa on saturday and from Monday it got closed. I don't know if its opened or not, but we just made it in the nick of time.

I have also been to empire state building observatory in New york, but the view from here was much more awesome. But in empire state you go to the open balcony on the 80th floor, but here it was a closed observatory. There is an outside open balcony on 124th floor also, but the same was closed for maintenance. Probably because one suicide has already happened...

Many indians were involved in senior and important positions in making of this building and it was a nice experience to see their names on the way out..

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