Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am presently reading this another book by malcolm gladwell. The book is not as engaging as the outliers, still it has some interesting stories.

Like how a marriage counceller can just listen to 3 mins of conversation and tell whether the couples wud stay or split.

But it also validates something i also believe in, listen to ur inner voice. Also that first few seconds when you meet someone or start a ne engagement are very important. I always ask my team to carefully record their first experience with a web application. The best and most meaningful bugs generally come in those first few seconds. "The usability blocks", "the bad UI" impacts u most in the first initial seconds, and then as the time goes by u become used to that.

Would love to finish this book quickly and move on to the next one...Am trying to find another good book to buy..

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~ ॐ ~ said...

outliers is nice... i was reading it, and then i moved to chai chai