Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am presently reading this another book by malcolm gladwell. The book is not as engaging as the outliers, still it has some interesting stories.

Like how a marriage counceller can just listen to 3 mins of conversation and tell whether the couples wud stay or split.

But it also validates something i also believe in, listen to ur inner voice. Also that first few seconds when you meet someone or start a ne engagement are very important. I always ask my team to carefully record their first experience with a web application. The best and most meaningful bugs generally come in those first few seconds. "The usability blocks", "the bad UI" impacts u most in the first initial seconds, and then as the time goes by u become used to that.

Would love to finish this book quickly and move on to the next one...Am trying to find another good book to buy..

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Outliers Outliers: The Story of Success (9780316017923): Malcolm Gladwell: Books

Picked this book from the bestsellers shelf, the title is somewhat cryptic, but it means that this book is about all those who lie outside/above the rest. This book in no uncertain way proves that hard work is the only thing that is in your hand to achieve success. Luck, family, economy and other factors play a part, but they are beyond your control. It also dispels the myth on high IQ/genius.

It also clearly states that for job satisfaction 3 things are important -
1. Challenges
2. Autonomy
3. Relation between effort and rewards.

A manager can create point 1 and 2, however point 3 is to be looked at an organizations level.