Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Art of team growth

There can be 2 ways to grow a team, one can be a transplant, where you just hire all the cogs you need and build up the bigger machine, and other is organic growth, where you let the current pieces in the system move up and hire new people to fill the void created.

Transplant is easier to achieve, but is slightly costlier as new outside experienced resources always come at a premium. But this is easier to explain to management and also comparatively less risk prone. At a loss is the current team which does not see the avenues for the growth.

Organic growth is more natural but needs more planning. This is something which i believe in, but it is much harder to explain to the management which sometimes in its narrow sightedness is not able to align to your vision.

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Akhil said...

My personal opinion is that Organic growth is more sustainable in the long run and reaps more benefits in the long run even if it does not seem to give a lot in the present.
It also gives a sense of ownership to the people involved in the growth process whereas people hired from outside may give you a short term solution but there is also a great probability that the people will run away as quickly as they had come.