Saturday, May 09, 2009

Road to improvement

I have seen most of the people getting defensive or repulsive when you tell them some improvement area or ask them for some details of their work. People perceive it offending and often as interfering. These are the people whom i see going as nowhere and stuck where they are, King frog of their own wells and oblivious of the world outside. Now if the frog is right or wrong in assuming the world as the well is another point of discussion.

I have however seen some people who take criticism very positively and try to understand the point other person is making. I have seen such people learn, grow and reach new heights. They love to talk about their work and get your opinion. They are always trying to grasp and learn from the world around them, they understand that learning is an unending process. The more you learn,  more you have an understanding of the things you do not know.

I also have a strong belief that people cannot improve till they understand and accept the thing that has went wrong. Road to improvement begins after accepting the mistake. I have seen only those people repeating mistakes and not improving, who would say yes on your face but not understand and accept the mistake.

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