Wednesday, May 20, 2009

from Airtel to MTNL

I am changing my internet connection from Airtel to MTNL. Few reasons are -
  1. 1. I wanted to upgrade to 512 KBPS connection and airtel was expensive. unlimited connection was for 1500 with airtel. MTNL offer that for 1300 and also gives me 500 free calls per month.
  2. the toll free numbers are available only on MTNL.
  3. Airtel has been slashing rates for sometime now, but does not pass the benefit to existing customers, this made me slightly upset, and i wanted to do my bit of small damage.
I know MTNL has slightly sloppy service, but i have heard from people that they have improved and i want to give them a chance.

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Pankaj Jaju said...

Hi Ankur,

I've couple of questions:
1. Is there any downtime?
2. How is the service?
3. Is the speed consistant?
4. Is the price justified?
5. How it compares with Airtel?