Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Almost everybody in India has his viewpoint on where we are lacking and what we need to do about it. A bad economy and upcoming elections makes you think even more.

Many think, our huge population is our biggest problem. I read an article many year ago which said, that why cant the numbers we have become our strength instead of our weakness? This question has stuck with me since then. India upcoming as the IT/outsourcing hub has proved that to certain extent. The Chinese might in manufacturing industry has also shown us how the huge manpower can be used to our advantage. Illiteracy is the biggest hurdle in achieving this aim. The people do not realize their potential, they do not understand the power of their votes and their rights, and they are then exploited or under utilized. This also makes me think, why is it not crime when people who have access to schools, send their children to work instead of study?

Another major problem India faces is of law and order. Justice delayed is justice denied and that is what is exactly happening. Too few judges and too few courts. What do we lack? experienced and learned lawyers who can be made judges? Government apathy? Quick resolution of court cases would lead to lot of pain to those who exploit this slowness to their advantage. The rich and powerful.

Infrastructure is also our major problem, electricity, water and roads are a big problem in 98% of our country. Why can't we have toll roads on highways? There are industrialists in India, who are willing to setup power plants, but then with the current level of electricity stealing in India, they don't get paid, so we generate less electricity and even the paying and right people do not get electricity. Also thinking, Why has electricity situation in Delhi improved so much after privatisation? Why should MCD and PWD in Delhi not be privatised to improve the same?

I have raised more questions than answered, but my belief is the right questions lead us to the way of right solution. We need to ask these questions to our leaders/politicians, and support those who give us an answer and work towards a better India.

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Surya said...

I totally agree with you on the problems cited. I have been taking the stand for a long time that our main problem is that we prescribe yesterday's solutions to today's problems. Toe cite one, even minor disputes should be settled by courts with arguments and appeals. Then family courts were started. Why not for other minor disputes. Who not put some restrictions on appeals to higher courts. Why should Supreme Court sit on judgment whether Tytler should be conicted or not.

We had two line roads for ages. Now also we build two line roads when we know that before long the same would be choked.

D. Ravindran