Tuesday, February 03, 2009

School admission milestone crossed

Today got my child admitted to Gyan Bharati school. The requirements with the form were pretty weird-

  1. Good health certificate for child.
  2. Draft of Rs 7K

And we were just given 3 days to do the needful, else the chance is gone. Now why is a certificate required?? just take an undertaking from the parents, so incase you are found lying your admission is annulled. And what's the need for DD when most parents are from closeby and from Delhi, and even if they give the cheque it will be cleared in a day-2... The session starts from April 1 and not tomorrow...But seems people just don't seem to think practically now a days.

Good part is that unlike most schools which are charging around 25-50k for nursery admission, Gyan Bharati just charges 7k. I am an alumni of the school and it was started with the principle of keeping it economical, glad they have not lost the way completely. Admission seems a big victory, as today in newspaper read that 1.75 lacks children are still not admitted in any school. This situation is really scary.

Nursery admission was giving me headache and tension since last few months, i was clueless as to what to do incase child gets nowhere. Another hurdle, in the maze of life cleared :-)