Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School fever

I never liked going to school, i always hate to do what others tell me. So i hated uniforms, hated homework etc. Even though i always decent numbers and thus there was little that teachers could complain about my studies to parents. Regrading others things, i was part of the system and made to comply.

With college I got partially independent, but engineering colleges aint that much different from schools. Teachers blackmailing you for practical marks, and lab asses trying to act smart.

Finished education, started job and then actually began to enjoy things, learning what you want, no exams to judge you (well appraisals are generally for ass lickers or perception, so never cared)..


My kid is now 3+ and has to start nursery.. So now again i have to follow schools rules. Every school takes a good amount in the name of prospectus and processing.. Now when the economy is bad every penny hurts.. Moreover, seems like seats are 2 few and children too many.. Every school has their own form with same fields, and some give it online, some make you stand in lines for buying forms, others make you stand in lines for submitting them. Moreover all have different documentation requirements, and most of the school admission forms to be filled from are from 15-31 dec.

Some forms ask me to tell out 3 negative qualities in a 3 year old child---IMAGINE...

Others ask me--What does education mean to me-
My answer- Getting a degree and then a job to earn a living....WAT ELSE??

Its part funny and part frustrating, but i think i need to blog more on this.... :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marriage time

It is the marriage season that's going on right now. For the benefit of international readers, in India for Hindus, the priests decide the auspicious marriage dates, these dates are few and generally lie together. With a big population like ours, the marriages tend to happen at the same time.

3 marriage almost in a row---my Bro in law, college roomie, and first cousin...

One of the hardest things now is -

  1. travelling in clogged roads to reach function place.
  2. Breaking ur head to figure out the gift.
  3. Eating similar food.\
  4. Figuring out dresses to wear for u and those around u.

To top it all a major release tied for this friday the 12th....May god bless me :-)