Friday, September 12, 2008

Go Daddy account..think again!!!

I bought the domain from godaddy about one year back. I was not able to renew the domain on time and now godaddy has sat on my domain name through a smart way - so you dont know exactly who has acquired your domain. So now i guess the next step from godaddy would be to ask me use thier negotiation service for which i think they charge around 39$. 

Now when i email godaddy about renewing the domain, they say it has been bought by someone else. Still the best part is that still points to my blogger blog (albeit an older one which does not have latest posts).

I tried renewing about 1-2 months back, but that time i was surprised to see that renewal charge for the domain was 7$, while for a new .info domain you still needed to pay 2$.

So either godaddy blackmails you to pay more, or squats on your domain...

So if you guys get lured by cheap initial prices from godaddy, think again if you want to be doing business with such kind of company...


Ashutosh Mehta said...

It seems to me that you didn't renew your domain within specified time frame according to the terms specified at the time of its purchase. A whois look up tells me that the present owner hold this domain since 2007-07-24, 12:43:01. And still if that points to your blog then you should be obligatory in your attitude towards the new owner!
Regarding price, it is a standard practice in the market to offer promo-pricing for new domains only for a period of one year (whenever it is offered). Even when you book a new domain for a longer period, say 10 years, you can avail the promo-prices only for the first year and will have to fork-out the regular charges for the remaining nine years.
My suggestion to you is that you should be an alert and vigil consumer and read all the terms and conditions relevant to purchase before buying or entering into the agreement.
If you are not satisfied in this instance, then you can opt to transfer you domain to another registrar.
Good luck to you with the next one :-)

Ankur said...

@ashutosh - I just wanted everybody to know that godaddy is a domain squatter...Dont preach or give suggestions if people are not asking for them.,,,,