Friday, July 25, 2008

Ride to Gurgaon

Changing job location to Gurgaon from Noida, i thought i will be getting some respite from the traffic, but NO. Delhi roads might be one of the better ones in the country still there is a loit that is wanting. Delhi is around 10 years late in implementing the metro and we are paying the price for it. Till the time MCD is privatised, Delhi woes will not go away.

On a side note, Almost banged and drove over a cyclist on NH8, when he rashly decided to cross the road in the middle of nowhere with no indication. Luckily, nobody banged me from back on sudden braking...Today nicked a Zen when on a busy crossing, trying to get my monster through traffic. Also 2-3 days ago a bus driver was driving rashly, i stopped him with much effort and luckily found traffic cops just ahead, got his challan done
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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Opera and emails

I have started using Opera now for managing my gmail and browsing web. Today just discovered it has a neat integration of RSS as well. Learning and experimenting it is fun.