Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Garibon ki sarkar!

I always wonder that our government claims to be a garibon ki sarkar (poor mans government), so what will it do when nobody is poor? So removal of poverty is means removal of the government. To keep people poor and voting for our uneducated and goonda politicians it is very important that people do not get educated. So at one hand we have a huge number of educated unemployed who can take teaching jobs, and at the other hand we got a very large no. of uneducated in India.

Parents not educating thier children needs to be a criminal offence, as you are ruining the future of the nation. Those found remotely to being a hinderance in mass education should be dealt in the strongest possible way.

Will our country ever have a government which is not full of uneducated people and ex goondas? When will we find it objectionable that the politicians becoming millionaires just on donations?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The blogging importance

When around 4 years ago i started blogging, it was considered a wierd thing to do....A PUBLIC DIARY,,,,that was the general reaction. It was thought to be some kind of new teen fad. However now it has become a thing to reckon with. There are things like citizen journalism with which even some of the big governments are scared. And now we have most of the celebs having blogs. Corporate blogs have also caught on big time.

Corporate blogs, social media or web 2.0 is the most interesting thing which i see right now.

And with microblogs like twitter also making a big impression, blogging has become very interesting.

Corporates blogs are a big force, but to make them work, still it does not have the wide base that is required to make it a success. V few developers actually want to blog....It really takes some consistent effort and writing to make any blog have a decent followership.

Friday, April 11, 2008

flying bike

flying bike
Originally uploaded by ankur186
This was the first live bike show i saw, it was in Raleigh outside the RBC stadium. Clicking such a pic was a challenge as because of sunlight the LCD was not visible clearly and these guys were zooming at fast speed. It was an awesome experience seeing them. THat reminds me, i have some small videos and high time i upload them.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Managing expectations- Appraisal time

This is appraisal time and the dilbert today seems to have come at the most right time.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

to agree to disagree

To have the maturity to agree to disagree with no malice, is a very rare quality. To separate the professional and personal relationships is another thing very few people actually understand.

Most of the people, when they hear an opinion which is opposite to theirs, go into either defensive or attacking mode, v rarely trying to even make an attempt if other person might have some valid point.

That is also the reason for my blog being called a different perspective, its for those who can understand another perspective on things, i have a very limited readership and that is totally understandable. There are many who track this blog regularly but hardly comment..Probably because most of the people who have a different perspective are either crushed or make to look wrong. So those who have a different perspective don't speak up,,specially in a country like ours.. Some have given up, others are scared.

I hope as our society matures we have a better understanding of a different perspective and learn to respect it.

Review your employer

Came across criticat

A site where you can review your employer, i like the idea. But how many people in India would actually take the pain of reviewing is yet to be seen. We are more used to taking things than giving to it, well we might have used many free/open source applications, but did we do anything to give back to it?

Additionally we are more scared people, the ghulami mentality is not fully out yet. We are Yes sir people and we like Yes sir people. When people are resigning and moving to another company, they are so scared to tell about where they are going. The usual answer is -- i have 2-3 options and am thinking, anybody stupid enough to believe that one has not decided the next company before throwing in the papers?