Thursday, March 13, 2008

Driving in US

During all my trips to US, i never drove a car, probably because i always visited big and populated cities like new york and San fran, this time i am in Raleigh, and here things look cool and when office pays for the car, i very well try it on weekend. So this weekend i have booked a car and hoping my experience goes fine, i aint going anywhere long, but first time in US i will drive and that 2 an automatic, i am excited. Something like i was when i first decided i was actually going rafting in rishikesh, and i was actually going to risk jumping in water. Or when i decided that i was actually  going to do rappling and come down the mountain,,,lets c how it goes.

I dont have an international license and am hoping that indian license works, atleast thats what the enterprise rental letter says that has been sent to my office in Virginia.

Todd took me to a chinese place today and again paid,,man i am getting embarrased now, anybody knows what should i do?? 3 days in a row.......BUT I SAT IN AUDI A4 TODAY. This time am having good with cars, all the people here seem to have these lovely cars, guess these are the people that work in startups and small companies, the one who dare and do different stuff..

Paul in office won in TT/ping pong and he was so happy that had i known before i would have given it to him..

Everytime in US i wonder why does the electricity does not ever go here and why that is such a big thing in India. Whole politics has been made of nuclear deal and we dont have electricity in even our metros 24*7. People in india burn so much energy and mind worrying about electricity that if we did that for something good, we would be ahead. Why cant something fundamental like electricity and water be guarenteed in whole country?

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