Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beer wont be same anymore

Went to flying Saucer in Raleigh today with the 6th sense team and enjoyed some lovely and different beers, the place has 150 different beers. Had double chocolate beer which has the amazing taste of dark chocolate and very dark and creamy. Then had a tapestry beer, which is made by monks of......... and some part goes for aid in third world countries, last was a fruity beer which amazing taste and smell.....

Man i hate everybody for making me taste some lovely beers.

Then Todd took me to his home and made me drink an even awesome 11 yr old red wine, met his lovely kids stella-4months, Eva-3 and mickey -11.

My taste buds are ruined now....................

Friday, March 21, 2008

why i like Ubuntu

My previous post might give an impression that Ubuntu sucks,,however here are some reasons i like it.
  • I dont have to bother abt anti virus or antispyware.
  • Synaptic is wonderful way to install/uninstall anything. I dont need to go to any website for downloading anything.
  • I dont carry the guilt of using a pirated windoze.
  • I get better performance from my old machine.
  • Helped me to overcome my fear of linux.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Windoze free

I would like to be microsoft or windoze free sometime soon, i have been using ubuntu on my home machine since some time still am not quite there, some of the troubling things are-
  1. My webcam does not work on ubuntu
  2. skype sound settings occasionally change from what i set.
  3. flickr uploaders work pathetically or dont resize, have one issue or another.
  4. Getting pics from my kodak camera is painfully slow.
  5. K3b is good for CD burning, but still not there-recently i copied .dat files off a VCD and thought using k3b would again be able to make the VCD from it, something i had done in Nero before. It did not work with K3b and then tried some more CD burnign programs for linux, but they were worst that K3b.
  6. PLaying online music from sites like musicindiaonline or raaga is crappy, but shoutcast radio on VLC works, so that provides an alternative.
  7. Exchange support in Eudora is crappy.
  8. Yahoo messenger provides an ages old client for Linux, it should try and give a latest version. Pidgin is an alternative, still i think Yahoo can come out with a richer messenger for Linux.
  9. Opera works lovely fast on ubuntu, but many sites jut wont work on it or would look v crappy on it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

First US car drive

After visiting the St. patricks day parade in raleigh, decided to go to Walmart. Reached walmart with the help of the map, without much goofup except the indicators and wiper. Intermixed both of them, and it became worst in the way back when it started raining and i needed to use both.

I took a wrong turn on way back and got lost for goood. Went back and forth and all arounf, Tried calling 2 people i know here and both did not pickup the phone. Stopped at a store enroute and asked for directions, the guy was new. Now i thought, i might have chewn more than i can digest.

So back to basics, come back to the Highway u know and again try to retrace the map...problem, u have already exceeded it and 40 E, it to be 40 west now. Anyways went the opposite way on main highway and went round and round, i think for a 6 mile trip i travelled 50 miles. Scared the shit of ppl following me with turned on wierd indicators and off lane driving while reading maps. To top it all, a Big automatic pontiac to drive. And loads of rain making it a problem to drive and read boards....

In the end, found my groove luckily and reached hotel fine. Nice adventure though..Bahut mazaa aaya,,,

St. Patricks day parade

Originally uploaded by ankur186
Koren took me to St. Patricks day parade today and it was loads of fun, there was some rain to ruin the fun and we got slightly late,,,,,still it was loads of fun....

St patricks day is for beer drinking and having fun, and i think he was irish,, People feel free to google/wikipedia..

Cheers ,,,

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pontiac is my car

I go to rental company to get some intermediate car and one i get is PONTIAC done barely 550 miles. This is a trip of cars i would say..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

right pronounciation

its karo-ly-na and not it all................... go and check out , right in india whenever i told everybody that i am going to North karo-Ly-na i was told that the right way to pronounce is North Karo-leena, i was sure i was saying it right, however when more than 4-5 people said it that way and one explicitly corrected me, i got hunched...

I am right,,,thank you all :-)

Driving in US

During all my trips to US, i never drove a car, probably because i always visited big and populated cities like new york and San fran, this time i am in Raleigh, and here things look cool and when office pays for the car, i very well try it on weekend. So this weekend i have booked a car and hoping my experience goes fine, i aint going anywhere long, but first time in US i will drive and that 2 an automatic, i am excited. Something like i was when i first decided i was actually going rafting in rishikesh, and i was actually going to risk jumping in water. Or when i decided that i was actually  going to do rappling and come down the mountain,,,lets c how it goes.

I dont have an international license and am hoping that indian license works, atleast thats what the enterprise rental letter says that has been sent to my office in Virginia.

Todd took me to a chinese place today and again paid,,man i am getting embarrased now, anybody knows what should i do?? 3 days in a row.......BUT I SAT IN AUDI A4 TODAY. This time am having good with cars, all the people here seem to have these lovely cars, guess these are the people that work in startups and small companies, the one who dare and do different stuff..

Paul in office won in TT/ping pong and he was so happy that had i known before i would have given it to him..

Everytime in US i wonder why does the electricity does not ever go here and why that is such a big thing in India. Whole politics has been made of nuclear deal and we dont have electricity in even our metros 24*7. People in india burn so much energy and mind worrying about electricity that if we did that for something good, we would be ahead. Why cant something fundamental like electricity and water be guarenteed in whole country?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

US Day 2

Day 2 - i sit in charged up mini cooper and get to beat everybody in 6th sense office in TT.

Also bought some toys for Neitya at a consignment sale...

Had lovely BBQ dinner at a stakehouse, typical North carolina food. Todd drove and paid for me, and all the rest also,,,i did not know what he has ordering and had him pay, forgot in US, everybody pays for himself.......Kal se yaad rakhenge,,,

Monday, March 10, 2008

US Day 1

Yesterday took first domestic flight inside US, the one connecting Newark to Raleigh. The airport is big and i could not find my way, so did what i was supposed to do...approached official and told that i am lost, where to go and showed the boarding pass, she went to a terminal printed another one which had gate number and guided me the right gate.. Before that i had another confusion, when my bag was tagged for Raleigh at Delhi airport but was asked to pickup baggage and clear customs at Newark. Anyways the video shown on flight before landing helped me understand this, and after landing, cleared immigration, collected baggage and cleard customs and went to belt where he baggage was to be placed for connecting flight. Now small twist, the whisky bottle bought at Delhi airport needed to go inside bag even though its bag was sealed. american rules, you can carry it in international flight but not in national flight, Anyways placed it in bag, and then went to take connecting flight.

First time in propeller aircraft, from Newark to Raleigh. Nice flight and experienence. Except when going to board this flight via he tube, he mouth of the tube was opened just before the entry, Newark it was freezing and i was wearing just a shirt, as delhi, plane and airport was heated, just crossing through into the plane was one of the coldest moments in some time...

Raleigh, got a ride in BMW 3 series of my manager who came to pickup. The car has enormous space inside, though outside it looks so small, placed one bag in boot and one on back seat (i felt bad, but no other way). Came hotel arranged stuff, and then slept, woke up at 9PM bored, went out for stroll, found a hooters, like the interesting name, then went in and had a beer with onion rings, I had went in slippers and thought ki saaaley pitega,,,but it turned out fine...

The hotel and weather is fone, but there is no food mall in walking distance, will try get a ride from someone in office today, or might take a taxi to get stuff for my 2 days. Glad i got some basic stuff like biscuits, tea and magi, so that i don't feel myself in big shit...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

unwanted 72

Recently i have switched back to radio, after listening for weeks a devotional/instrumental CD from Prashant and now a days radio is flooded about advertisments of morning after pill..and it makes me very sick, coz what is the message we are passing across.....have sex dont worry, pop the pill in morning,..

I m sure these pills would be having some side effects, but that's just hidden, and it might be doing long term damage to girls...

These advertisements come so many times continuously and so different brands it is sickening...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Raleigh here i come

I am going to Raleigh, North carolina for 2 weeks, from 9-22 March. Short trip and i hope it goes off without any hiccups. Long time since i last went to US, so this comes as a nice change..And hopefully i would be blogging more when there, dont think Raleigh has too much to do and being alone there would have all the time to pass. And i hope i dont gain any more weight....America, to me is cheesy food and loads of beer ...he he he

Reasons to be glad to be a dad

This article inspired me to write my reasons,,
  1. Now i have someone who likes chocolates, ice creams and pastries like me.
  2. There is someone who plays peek a boo.
  3. someone who is so so happy to see me home.
  4. She likes to make me eat with spoon like i do sometimes with her.
  5. She also likes to tease me and eat food herself
  6. I can sing poems again, now i know many of them.
  7. Feeding the street dog bones/milk has become a family activity.
  8. Sleeping with your child cuddling besides you is heavenly.
  9. The smile on your childs face on seeing you is above all..
  10. more to come.......