Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sportsman spirit lost

All those who play or played cricket ever lost one thing in this India-Australia series, the sportsman spirit. Now when i teach my child cricket or football i should also teach them to cheat? And be proud about cheating if you fool the umpire.. We had cricketing examples in the past when players walked off when they were out but given not out by umpires...Now thats history...Nobody i think will be doing a thing like it ever again..coz in todays world its not sportsman spirit its being foolish.. In todays world all your ethics and values have become foolishness, what is important is how to fool others and gain benefit.

Earlier it was the match fixing scandal which made me realise how big a fool i am in believing in the matches and the game,,,and now it plain pure cheating...and even worse being defiant about it..

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