Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NDTV show: Should blogs be regulated?

NDTV recently did a talk ashow with Barkha dutt and the topic was should blogs be regulated,, Its real sad and pathetic that they could not find any better/interesting topic. Here is my view--

On a bigger level, could/should internet be regulated? Regulation is never a long term solution, it leads to corruption, tension and other problems.

Seeing some part of video here is what came out, Barkha has very limited knowledge about blogs and features available. If i go for blogs which have lots of sexual material, the number would be very small, however her interest was there only..I think INdia is the Land of the kamasutra but 2 scared to admit sex as a reality and talk about it...

Barkha i think will manage to get lot of publicity by this and lot of popularity (badnaami hui to kiya hua, naam to hua), in this present age where there are dozens of news channels with even more talk shows and news in which people are not interested, if you can catch peoples attention its a good feat.

I could not manage to see whole video, but the talk debate is so pointless and toothless probably i wont waste more time on it also..

here is another opinion on this show


honey said...

the whole show was biased
they don;t get any other topic?
Even they don't know that apart from personal life (sex,stories,etc) their are vast area of blogs.
Blog mean you are free to write whatever you want with PS: "user are not coupled to read their blog".
Then why blog should be regulated.
I personally know lots of guys for them Blog's is "Bread And Butter".
I wish barkha is very much shrink on some part of blogging rather than other.

~ ॐ ~ said...

Dimaag kharab hai inka...

bekaar ki behes !!!

their knowledge looked like so much scoped about the blogs !!!

and they talked about correcting and having things regularized... if the main stream media is something that they cannot manage, even though being a part of it... they talk about irresponsible reporting and incorrect dissemination of information through blogs !!!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Barkha has very limited knowledge about blogs
I agree!
Darn them!

Shantanu Goel said...

I guess they should regulate their own channels first, what with all the nonsense that is on the news channels these days...