Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Delhi bloggers meet XXI

Delhi bloggers met at blues and it had a bigger attendance than usual, probably because it was the 4th aniv. meet of the delhibloggers yahoo grp members. Fairy has done a nice job of making all of us stick for this time.

Only lalit has posted his pics, i did not take my cam and waiting for more people.

Probably the last minute confusion because of the other Bloggers group that has recently formed helped to increase the interest in this meet for all the members of this group. Propelled everybody to come out more openly. Larger number of people makes for some interesting interactions and this meet turned out to be a much better experience than the previous ones. Probably booze and music also helps :-)

A video was also being made and i waiting for it. Many people did not know about my bribe blog and i think it made people realise that blogs can be a medium of change, to raise social awareness and not just a webpage with random rants and views.

Rupali and Sanjay made the event success, rupali with her management and Sanjay with the cake and his ever present smile. And the rest with whom it was a pleasure meeting :-)

Met a person working for ibibo, i called it desi orkut/facebook and the expression/reaction was interesting :-)

I am looking forward to when we meet next...


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, great to meet you too! And yes, a big thanks to TF.

Media Activist said...

sorry frnds i missed it....
but will definately not in future

Sakhi said...

Thanks for the appreciation Ankur. Although, I didn't do much.
Yes. It was great meeting one's peers and interacting.
Looking forward to the next meet now...S m i l e

Reeta Skeeter said...

:) Nice...seems u people enjoyed...I got to know about it quite late