Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School fever

I never liked going to school, i always hate to do what others tell me. So i hated uniforms, hated homework etc. Even though i always decent numbers and thus there was little that teachers could complain about my studies to parents. Regrading others things, i was part of the system and made to comply.

With college I got partially independent, but engineering colleges aint that much different from schools. Teachers blackmailing you for practical marks, and lab asses trying to act smart.

Finished education, started job and then actually began to enjoy things, learning what you want, no exams to judge you (well appraisals are generally for ass lickers or perception, so never cared)..


My kid is now 3+ and has to start nursery.. So now again i have to follow schools rules. Every school takes a good amount in the name of prospectus and processing.. Now when the economy is bad every penny hurts.. Moreover, seems like seats are 2 few and children too many.. Every school has their own form with same fields, and some give it online, some make you stand in lines for buying forms, others make you stand in lines for submitting them. Moreover all have different documentation requirements, and most of the school admission forms to be filled from are from 15-31 dec.

Some forms ask me to tell out 3 negative qualities in a 3 year old child---IMAGINE...

Others ask me--What does education mean to me-
My answer- Getting a degree and then a job to earn a living....WAT ELSE??

Its part funny and part frustrating, but i think i need to blog more on this.... :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marriage time

It is the marriage season that's going on right now. For the benefit of international readers, in India for Hindus, the priests decide the auspicious marriage dates, these dates are few and generally lie together. With a big population like ours, the marriages tend to happen at the same time.

3 marriage almost in a row---my Bro in law, college roomie, and first cousin...

One of the hardest things now is -

  1. travelling in clogged roads to reach function place.
  2. Breaking ur head to figure out the gift.
  3. Eating similar food.\
  4. Figuring out dresses to wear for u and those around u.

To top it all a major release tied for this friday the 12th....May god bless me :-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lay offs

Across industry lay offs are happening. Almost all companies where I have friends and mine including have had to ask people to go...This time I was also on the other side of the table and it was a real shaky experience, giving out the news...Even though much of retrenchment is because of performance issues, and people need to understand its a Jungle and one needs to be at the top of the game to survive.

Infact all my friends/family has stayed clear of the layoffs except one friend whose mail came in yesterday..I hope things get better soon.

The stocks are also down, and lots of my money is stuck owing to recent job changes. Then something or the else stupid stuff keeps happening. I have a policy with Max new york life insurance and i enrolled for ECS for payment of policy money, they don't raise the ECS request and then send me a letter for policy lapse. So for all concerned, max is a total NO NO for insurance. V V unprofessional.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Regionalism and MNS

The actions of MNS in recent months has garnered lot of debate all around. Recent action is http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/oct/19mns.htm

What MNS wants is to break the one India we have into many many small states. Worst is that some people of maharashtra have actually been misled by him.. Even more worst is that people with similar mindset like him in other parts of india have also been encouraged.

I was wondering that why is congress government (which is at both center and state) not doing anything about this, and then heard someone in a TV show say that, well Congress gets to divide the Shiv sena votes by working along with MNS, so both MNS and congress is gaining from the stupidity that is going on.. RAJ thackery has now become a nationally known politician, and we all know know that there is party of goons called as MNS. Shiv sena again cant complain about all this as they had been the ones doing this in the past to gain votes, and they fear to alienate thier present supporters, as the party stands on same idiols like MNS....

Blogging might help, but i think all media and eveybody has criticised whats happening there..but as both MNS and Congress are gaining nothing is happening...Judiciary can/might step in but that may do more damage to the present state of judiciary -->Executive relationship.

This is a battle which all the maharashtrains will have to fight and prove an example by making MNS as no entity in the elections.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting general insurance

General insurance is now not that simple, where you could get it from any vendor and get the same price and service. Now there are many vendors and the premium quoted by them differs a lot. I was surprised to see premium quotes at http://www.policybazaar.com .. ICICI lombard and royal sundaram are both offering a good premium, however my workshop people are not comfortable with any of them, so i shall go with reliance insurance, with whom i had insurance also last year.... They are offering a decent amount.. However i would strongly now suggest people to compare rates before buying any insurance


Kyun (Why)? is the favorite and often used phrase by my almost 3 yr old Daughter. It sometimes catches me by real surprise and I get dumbstruck. Sometimes its fun trying to answer the list of KYUN.. She makes a real concerned face when she says KYUN, and you are unable to decide if she is serious or joking...How to exactly respond...Guess this is a time which comes in the growing up of every child when he/she questions everything,,,,Probably another milestone in the journey of life..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jai Shri RAM

Jai Shri RAM
Originally uploaded by ankur186
On Dasshera day went to see the Ramlila procession in old delhi...There were good bands playing music and some nice shows..Still it is not as grand as what it used to be, we are loosing a big part of tradition in this.

It was fun to see Neitya and other kids enjoying the show, and i wish it gets passed on to generations after that also,,,,

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Which site is best to maintain portfolio?

I have till now tried to maintain the stocks portfolio on 3 sites-

Any other good/better site? Why?

Where are the markets headed!!

My fav question now a days to any person who has interest in stocks market is that---Where is the market headed..?? These are few answers--

  • Markets will bounce back in first Quarter 2009.
  • Coming months are bad.
  • Stay away from market for now.

But I have now seen that Indian market is famed for going against what all think...The Indian market has not fallen real bad even after all the US banks collapse. However if the SENSEX comes down to 10-11k, then it would be a bad time..The sensex would reach 2-3 yrs low.

Personally where the markets are headed should not affect a long term investor, the Indian economy is headed the right way, so if you keep on investing regularly, then in probably the next 4-5 yrs one should be able to make some a return which exceeds the current rate of return in fixed deposit.. The best part (lure) with stocks is that the income is not taxable..(income on investments more than 1+ yrs old)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Salary on time

I resigned from my last company on 27th of that month after spending more than 5 years with them. The HR in our meeting points it out to me that as a PROCESS my salary for that month will be blocked. When I threatened to leave without giving a KT, then they released the salary.. This was after considering the fact that my final settlement was around 3 times my monthly salary.. (considering gratuity, 27 days salary for next month and reimbursements)....It felt very sad that company treats you in this way after you have given them more than 5 years. This was a culmination of 2 facts, processes over riding people, and ignorant/insensitive HR.

Most of the people told me that i was stupid to resign on 27th, should have waited till first. I did that because i wanted to serve maximum notice period and also once you have made up your mind to exit, it is best for all that you move out at earliest possible date.

Now just after 4 months with my present company i shall be making the move again. and this time I get my salary on time, and yes it makes me feel goood... In future again I would love to work with this company and its people. Probably the processes here are not that much set, or probably they check with persons manager and others for persons credibility before making such a decision.

I still wonder why does process need to override people? Process is always to facilitate and guide, its not words written in stone...Its not the final word....Everything needs to evolve and improve,,else it perishes, so its required to listen to people and improve process, rather than to lay processes on people. Or hiding behind process when doing something that is wrong...I strongly believe one does not need to be told what wrong and what's right, you just need to listen to your inner voice. Once can always lie to someone else, but lying to yourself is very hard. However in present days more and more people have killed their self, or stopped listening to it...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exercise Start

Finally after a break of 2-3 yrs, i have again started exercising since last 2 days,,,and it makes me feel v v goood :-) My Gym room now has glasses and my old weights, need to move in the treadmill and a bench, which i hope and plan to buy soon,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Johari window

Not much contribution happened on my Johari window, so this is another post for it,,for those who have not filled it yet, please give feedback.....http://kevan.org/johari?name=ankurindus

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My search for good stocks

Stocks and share markets are very complex, and with many many companies and your money on the line, it makes it really crucial to pick the best buys. My dad has been dealing in stocks as a matter of hobby since last many years. even though he is not into analysis, but his experience makes him come up with some good tits bits here and there for any kind of situation that the market is going through.

I recently moved my portfolio of shares to http://www.moneycontrol.com from http://money.rediff.com. Rediff is good and simple, however as my knowledge of things improved, i needed more slicing on my data, and thus moved my portfolio. But now seems the hunger as grown even more and I don't know what to do... I have come to now quite understand some of the terms like EPS, P/E etc and therefore want to compare my stocks on them. Indian stock market is at decent buying level presently, soo i thought of picking the few i might want to invest in.

Here is what i am looking for---Top 100 stocks in terms of net profit like we get here but i also want more colums having data like P/E, 52 week high/low. Any idea where i can get it?

Also now the portfolio statistics for reliance money have started working and now i can atleast see how i have been losing money since the time i started :-) he he he..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My experience with managers

HR 2.0 : why team development is for losers: Why do we need middle managers

the above post lead me to http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/TwoStories.html

And then i thought of penning down my own instances...

  • Manager X from client side raises a big hackle of finding 400+ issues in the production released application.. He emails everybody to everybody in the outsourced partner working for him about this...Now management at partners side comes into picture, questioning the competency of the working team and how come so many issues were there. Fortunately the issues were trivial and the issue analysis was done and team told that there was 1 valid issue in the entire list.  However, most of the management at client's or partners end was not convinced, most did not know the application, or bothered to open the defect analysis sheet, or attempt to understand the application. Now a big meeting is called of all management to analyze the situation and understand whats wrong and who to blame for fault..(Remember there was just one small valid issue in the big list)....Now we had a process audit and the management at partners end made a presentation that it was all teams and process fault and we would work to improve...And finally team is left demoralized..But who cared,,,ALL the management team made their point..Management team at clients end was able to show it was smart,,,,Management team at outsourced partner showed that it can keep client happy..Who cares about team??? Well iteration in IT stands at 24%, so why should anybody leaving organization bother anybody? SO Middle managers are needed to prove team is dumb and they can handle issues where none exists.......
  • My manager tells me client manager is not happy with my work. I ask exact reason--he does not know,,,i ask for group meeting--well managers do meetings, not worker...I got totally confused on what to do, and then just sent IM to client manager asking for the problem, he had a small query, which i answered and that was it...So middle managers are needed to create confusion...
  • One of the most remembered instance is where my Sr. managers complains to me that I have a very high benchmark of work, and that troubles others...SO he was totally fine with others not wanting to increase benchmark,,but wanted me to lower mine..Obviously i used both ears while listening to this  :-)
  • My managers complains of bad quality, and when i ask for data, he points to 1 slipped bug...and then goes on to say....we want bug free applications (i wonder if any exist in this world),,and there is some more lecture on working better etc etc,,and following more processes (Processes are the magic pill for all ill) and etc etc....So middle managers are sometimes needed to talk junk..
What i have learnt any project running green is not a good feat for the manager (its assumed that the proj is just v easy), so good managers are those who make green project go red(blame on team), and then get project back to green(Thanks to thier gr8 mgmt skills)

Friday, September 12, 2008

my next vehicle

BBC NEWS | Business | Plug-in hybrid boosts electric motoring

My next vehicle in most probability might be electric. In the city jams and traffic and with rising fuel cost, the electrics make a lot of sense. I would love to save money and do something for environment at the same time, the cost wud be a slightly slower commute..not much of a pain for small journeys.

One of the hurdles that remain is the high cost of batteries and the limited life of batteries, i hope some improvements come on that side also.

Go Daddy account..think again!!!

I bought the domain ankurg.info from godaddy about one year back. I was not able to renew the domain on time and now godaddy has sat on my domain name through a smart way - http://domainsbyproxy.com/ so you dont know exactly who has acquired your domain. So now i guess the next step from godaddy would be to ask me use thier negotiation service for which i think they charge around 39$. 

Now when i email godaddy about renewing the domain, they say it has been bought by someone else. Still the best part is that http://www.ankurg.info still points to my blogger blog (albeit an older one which does not have latest posts).

I tried renewing about 1-2 months back, but that time i was surprised to see that renewal charge for the domain was 7$, while for a new .info domain you still needed to pay 2$.

So either godaddy blackmails you to pay more, or squats on your domain...

So if you guys get lured by cheap initial prices from godaddy, think again if you want to be doing business with such kind of company...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Automatic cars in India - Hyundai i10

The only automatic small car that you can find in India is the Hyundai i10 kappa sportz model. I always used to think that automatic does not make much sense, but now when i drive it, I see it makes a much easier drives in constant jammed traffic that we have, and also people who do not know how to drive stick shift vehicles can adapt and learn to drive such cars very quickly.

I am impressed with automatic cars, and surely suggest it to anybody thinking of buying a good small easy car for Delhi traffic.

Friday, September 05, 2008

TOI steals contents

Times of India, leading national daily does not feel anything wrong with stealing content,,,,read more at http://blog.twilightfairy.in/2008/09/01/toi-believes-flickr-is-for-flicking/

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

25 Unwritten Rules of Management

25 Unwritten Rules of Management

I always find reading these rules worthy, loads of things are communicated in these 25 rules. If you follow them, life becomes easy for all.. But frankly i found very few ppl who actually understood the depth in these rules...Y?????

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A good question

SC issues notice to PwC

This is a very good question, i will try and track the answer as and when it comes..

Monday, August 11, 2008

Off roadng experience in city

With my tata safari, i was thinking i would really need to go off roading to feel the baby, but Delhi roads, specially some stretches, more than make it up. when i use to drive my old zen, i always use to wonder why do influential people not feel the bumped up roads, now i know....coz the bigger better cars, you hardly feel the bumps..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Work from Home in india

Taking 2.5 hrs to travel 20 km from home to office makes me think, why cant we work from home more in India. The concept of work from home has not really clicked in India, specially the Delhi, NCR region. some of the reasons,
  1. Inexperienced managers.
  2. Lack of responsibility in team.
  3. old bossy mindset of managers.
  4. Afraid to get client approval.
  5. unrealistic security concerns.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ride to Gurgaon

Changing job location to Gurgaon from Noida, i thought i will be getting some respite from the traffic, but NO. Delhi roads might be one of the better ones in the country still there is a loit that is wanting. Delhi is around 10 years late in implementing the metro and we are paying the price for it. Till the time MCD is privatised, Delhi woes will not go away.

On a side note, Almost banged and drove over a cyclist on NH8, when he rashly decided to cross the road in the middle of nowhere with no indication. Luckily, nobody banged me from back on sudden braking...Today nicked a Zen when on a busy crossing, trying to get my monster through traffic. Also 2-3 days ago a bus driver was driving rashly, i stopped him with much effort and luckily found traffic cops just ahead, got his challan done
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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Opera and emails

I have started using Opera now for managing my gmail and browsing web. Today just discovered it has a neat integration of RSS as well. Learning and experimenting it is fun.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Paid for sitting idle

I am enjoying being paid to sit idle, served company the notice period, published knowledge transfer plan, got it approved from client and asked for early release, however the smart managers insist I serve complete notice period, even though there is nothing to do...An offer hard to refuse, to be paid to sit idle, drink coffee, enjoy AC, come flexible hours.....WOW :-)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Crazy things

Some of the crazy things i have done till now are-
  1. Driving to Rohtang from Delhi, not even knowing where the hell it is, just knew the route was from Chandigarh onwards.
  2. Driving from Rishikesh to Joshimath simply because it was hot there and as we started moving upwards the weather and beauty kept increasing.
  3. Driving from Manali to Manikaran in night in a zen.
  4. Planning for Leh in 15 mins sitting in US and chatting with Prashant,
  5. Driving a car in US for the first time all alone and getting all confused.
And today what makes me remember all this post

I dream to go all across Himalayas just traveling with no specific destination or goal, just enjoying the lovely breeze and nature...shayad kabhi..........................

Friday, May 30, 2008

life moving on

2 major developments in the last few days.

I have resigned from my company after working for then for more than 5 yrs. In a company which now has 1500 + people in Noida itself, i am the 8th oldest employee. The person from HR who came to talk to me about my decision could hardly understand the issues, its sad that you have to leave a company after working for them for so long, but i am convinced that this is the best decision for me and the company. I have outgrown the company's requirements.

I started investing in shares with reliance money. Decided that it is the best way for making long term investments. Given the fact that we are on internet the whole day, it should not be much of a problem. Overall this journey has been fine been able to make some money in the falling markets, in quick buy and sell. However, the cement stocks are in loss now, which i think would give returns later. Indian infra is set to grow rapidly in coming years.

June is nearing and need to get the tests done for my daughter, it would be around an year after her operation, she has been much healthier and i hope that tests confirm that all is well.

November am planning a long drive around the Jhansi, khujraho, gwalior belt, my bro in law getting married at Konch, a small town near Orai(Jhansi).

Rearranged my room majorly to make place for the baby bed, moved DVD player and set top box for TV on wall glass shelves to save space.

My bro is relocating back to Delhi, and that gives strength to our old dream of having a home gym.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Crappy issues !!

About 1-2 months ago the ABN AMRO website was updated, now it does not work on Firefox and on every page/click there is an IE error. Now being a software testing engineer myself i cant tell you how irritated i am when i see such shitty websites. You cant do this for any website that deals with americans.

MY safaris irritating issue with the accelerator pedal is now resolved. Apparently the break sensor had to be adjusted slightly to resolve the problem. The cars now have complicated electronic management systems and everything is apparently a connected. These sensors and management software is made by Lucas an international giant. Still when you connect the latop to your safari it just shows---engine pedal stuck (as if this was not known) and nothing else. There was no hint as to what was the root cause of the problem. Another example of crappy software and engineering.

Safaris bottle which holds windshield wiper water has now started leaking, the bottle has punctured big time on its own, but the workshop guy was hard to convince to replace that under warranty(they also did not have it in the store also). Anyways now the pic has been taken and sent to head office. Another of my battle has started.

Which reminds of another issue with Airtel Delhi, when i asked them to combine my 3 numbers, they also joined in it 4 more numbers from another person in my company. Tried explaining many a times to customer care and emailed several times to all the email id's. Classic example of pathetic treatment that consumers now a days have to go through. Consumer courts are a big pain in INdia and thereore the consumers will be continued to be treated pathetically..

Friday, May 02, 2008

Imint and ICICI

ICICI bank decided to outsource its rewards headache to imint. Imint is one big pile of screwups and pathetic service. So now you cannot claim your points easily. I somehow was already not much satisfied with ICICI, they have grown too big and now its an unmanaged chaos. I decided to go for ICICI lured by free tickets from bookmyshow and good recommendtation from a friend.

I have now tried ABN, HSBC, ICICI, Citibank and SBI. I would suggest Citibank and SBI., they have been most predictable and trustworthy. SBI is also slightly problematic with points redemption, but citibank has always been very forthcoming with it.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Virtual software appliances

Read this article http://www.cio.com/article/170051/Virtual_Software_Appliances_Why_They_Could_End_Deployment_Hell_

and thought wow, this sounds like reality, an idea which can really click in the time to come. Coming to think of it, deploying an app which has 2-3 components, then configuring it on your machine and then doing installation is a long and painful step. So you have a ready made virtual machine which can be up and running in 5 mins. All pain of installation and deployment just goes away. Taking backups of VM is also a breeze and incase anything happens going back to the last point is also very easy.

Some of the points that go against it are-
  1. People want a unique mix. For e.g. someone like IIS and others like weblogic.
Anything else?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Garibon ki sarkar!

I always wonder that our government claims to be a garibon ki sarkar (poor mans government), so what will it do when nobody is poor? So removal of poverty is means removal of the government. To keep people poor and voting for our uneducated and goonda politicians it is very important that people do not get educated. So at one hand we have a huge number of educated unemployed who can take teaching jobs, and at the other hand we got a very large no. of uneducated in India.

Parents not educating thier children needs to be a criminal offence, as you are ruining the future of the nation. Those found remotely to being a hinderance in mass education should be dealt in the strongest possible way.

Will our country ever have a government which is not full of uneducated people and ex goondas? When will we find it objectionable that the politicians becoming millionaires just on donations?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The blogging importance

When around 4 years ago i started blogging, it was considered a wierd thing to do....A PUBLIC DIARY,,,,that was the general reaction. It was thought to be some kind of new teen fad. However now it has become a thing to reckon with. There are things like citizen journalism with which even some of the big governments are scared. And now we have most of the celebs having blogs. Corporate blogs have also caught on big time.

Corporate blogs, social media or web 2.0 is the most interesting thing which i see right now.

And with microblogs like twitter also making a big impression, blogging has become very interesting.

Corporates blogs are a big force, but to make them work, still it does not have the wide base that is required to make it a success. V few developers actually want to blog....It really takes some consistent effort and writing to make any blog have a decent followership.

Friday, April 11, 2008

flying bike

flying bike
Originally uploaded by ankur186
This was the first live bike show i saw, it was in Raleigh outside the RBC stadium. Clicking such a pic was a challenge as because of sunlight the LCD was not visible clearly and these guys were zooming at fast speed. It was an awesome experience seeing them. THat reminds me, i have some small videos and high time i upload them.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Managing expectations- Appraisal time

This is appraisal time and the dilbert today seems to have come at the most right time.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

to agree to disagree

To have the maturity to agree to disagree with no malice, is a very rare quality. To separate the professional and personal relationships is another thing very few people actually understand.

Most of the people, when they hear an opinion which is opposite to theirs, go into either defensive or attacking mode, v rarely trying to even make an attempt if other person might have some valid point.

That is also the reason for my blog being called a different perspective, its for those who can understand another perspective on things, i have a very limited readership and that is totally understandable. There are many who track this blog regularly but hardly comment..Probably because most of the people who have a different perspective are either crushed or make to look wrong. So those who have a different perspective don't speak up,,specially in a country like ours.. Some have given up, others are scared.

I hope as our society matures we have a better understanding of a different perspective and learn to respect it.

Review your employer

Came across criticat

A site where you can review your employer, i like the idea. But how many people in India would actually take the pain of reviewing is yet to be seen. We are more used to taking things than giving to it, well we might have used many free/open source applications, but did we do anything to give back to it?

Additionally we are more scared people, the ghulami mentality is not fully out yet. We are Yes sir people and we like Yes sir people. When people are resigning and moving to another company, they are so scared to tell about where they are going. The usual answer is -- i have 2-3 options and am thinking,...is anybody stupid enough to believe that one has not decided the next company before throwing in the papers?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beer wont be same anymore

Went to flying Saucer in Raleigh today with the 6th sense team and enjoyed some lovely and different beers, the place has 150 different beers. Had double chocolate beer which has the amazing taste of dark chocolate and very dark and creamy. Then had a tapestry beer, which is made by monks of......... and some part goes for aid in third world countries, last was a fruity beer which amazing taste and smell.....

Man i hate everybody for making me taste some lovely beers.

Then Todd took me to his home and made me drink an even awesome 11 yr old red wine, met his lovely kids stella-4months, Eva-3 and mickey -11.

My taste buds are ruined now....................

Friday, March 21, 2008

why i like Ubuntu

My previous post might give an impression that Ubuntu sucks,,however here are some reasons i like it.
  • I dont have to bother abt anti virus or antispyware.
  • Synaptic is wonderful way to install/uninstall anything. I dont need to go to any website for downloading anything.
  • I dont carry the guilt of using a pirated windoze.
  • I get better performance from my old machine.
  • Helped me to overcome my fear of linux.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Windoze free

I would like to be microsoft or windoze free sometime soon, i have been using ubuntu on my home machine since some time still am not quite there, some of the troubling things are-
  1. My webcam does not work on ubuntu
  2. skype sound settings occasionally change from what i set.
  3. flickr uploaders work pathetically or dont resize, have one issue or another.
  4. Getting pics from my kodak camera is painfully slow.
  5. K3b is good for CD burning, but still not there-recently i copied .dat files off a VCD and thought using k3b would again be able to make the VCD from it, something i had done in Nero before. It did not work with K3b and then tried some more CD burnign programs for linux, but they were worst that K3b.
  6. PLaying online music from sites like musicindiaonline or raaga is crappy, but shoutcast radio on VLC works, so that provides an alternative.
  7. Exchange support in Eudora is crappy.
  8. Yahoo messenger provides an ages old client for Linux, it should try and give a latest version. Pidgin is an alternative, still i think Yahoo can come out with a richer messenger for Linux.
  9. Opera works lovely fast on ubuntu, but many sites jut wont work on it or would look v crappy on it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

First US car drive

After visiting the St. patricks day parade in raleigh, decided to go to Walmart. Reached walmart with the help of the map, without much goofup except the indicators and wiper. Intermixed both of them, and it became worst in the way back when it started raining and i needed to use both.

I took a wrong turn on way back and got lost for goood. Went back and forth and all arounf, Tried calling 2 people i know here and both did not pickup the phone. Stopped at a store enroute and asked for directions, the guy was new. Now i thought, i might have chewn more than i can digest.

So back to basics, come back to the Highway u know and again try to retrace the map...problem, u have already exceeded it and 40 E, it to be 40 west now. Anyways went the opposite way on main highway and went round and round, i think for a 6 mile trip i travelled 50 miles. Scared the shit of ppl following me with turned on wierd indicators and off lane driving while reading maps. To top it all, a Big automatic pontiac to drive. And loads of rain making it a problem to drive and read boards....

In the end, found my groove luckily and reached hotel fine. Nice adventure though..Bahut mazaa aaya,,,

St. Patricks day parade

Originally uploaded by ankur186
Koren took me to St. Patricks day parade today and it was loads of fun, there was some rain to ruin the fun and we got slightly late,,,,,still it was loads of fun....

St patricks day is for beer drinking and having fun, and i think he was irish,, People feel free to google/wikipedia..

Cheers ,,,

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pontiac is my car

I go to rental company to get some intermediate car and one i get is PONTIAC done barely 550 miles. This is a trip of cars i would say..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

right pronounciation

its karo-ly-na and not karo-leena....eat it all................... go and check out http://inogolo.com/pronunciation/d398/North_Carolina , right in india whenever i told everybody that i am going to North karo-Ly-na i was told that the right way to pronounce is North Karo-leena, i was sure i was saying it right, however when more than 4-5 people said it that way and one explicitly corrected me, i got hunched...

I am right,,,thank you all :-)

Driving in US

During all my trips to US, i never drove a car, probably because i always visited big and populated cities like new york and San fran, this time i am in Raleigh, and here things look cool and when office pays for the car, i very well try it on weekend. So this weekend i have booked a car and hoping my experience goes fine, i aint going anywhere long, but first time in US i will drive and that 2 an automatic, i am excited. Something like i was when i first decided i was actually going rafting in rishikesh, and i was actually going to risk jumping in water. Or when i decided that i was actually  going to do rappling and come down the mountain,,,lets c how it goes.

I dont have an international license and am hoping that indian license works, atleast thats what the enterprise rental letter says that has been sent to my office in Virginia.

Todd took me to a chinese place today and again paid,,man i am getting embarrased now, anybody knows what should i do?? 3 days in a row.......BUT I SAT IN AUDI A4 TODAY. This time am having good with cars, all the people here seem to have these lovely cars, guess these are the people that work in startups and small companies, the one who dare and do different stuff..

Paul in office won in TT/ping pong and he was so happy that had i known before i would have given it to him..

Everytime in US i wonder why does the electricity does not ever go here and why that is such a big thing in India. Whole politics has been made of nuclear deal and we dont have electricity in even our metros 24*7. People in india burn so much energy and mind worrying about electricity that if we did that for something good, we would be ahead. Why cant something fundamental like electricity and water be guarenteed in whole country?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

US Day 2

Day 2 - i sit in charged up mini cooper and get to beat everybody in 6th sense office in TT.

Also bought some toys for Neitya at a consignment sale...

Had lovely BBQ dinner at a stakehouse, typical North carolina food. Todd drove and paid for me, and all the rest also,,,i did not know what he has ordering and had him pay, forgot in US, everybody pays for himself.......Kal se yaad rakhenge,,,

Monday, March 10, 2008

US Day 1

Yesterday took first domestic flight inside US, the one connecting Newark to Raleigh. The airport is big and i could not find my way, so did what i was supposed to do...approached official and told that i am lost, where to go and showed the boarding pass, she went to a terminal printed another one which had gate number and guided me the right gate.. Before that i had another confusion, when my bag was tagged for Raleigh at Delhi airport but was asked to pickup baggage and clear customs at Newark. Anyways the video shown on flight before landing helped me understand this, and after landing, cleared immigration, collected baggage and cleard customs and went to belt where he baggage was to be placed for connecting flight. Now small twist, the whisky bottle bought at Delhi airport needed to go inside bag even though its bag was sealed. american rules, you can carry it in international flight but not in national flight, Anyways placed it in bag, and then went to take connecting flight.

First time in propeller aircraft, from Newark to Raleigh. Nice flight and experienence. Except when going to board this flight via he tube, he mouth of the tube was opened just before the entry, Newark it was freezing and i was wearing just a shirt, as delhi, plane and airport was heated, just crossing through into the plane was one of the coldest moments in some time...

Raleigh, got a ride in BMW 3 series of my manager who came to pickup. The car has enormous space inside, though outside it looks so small, placed one bag in boot and one on back seat (i felt bad, but no other way). Came hotel arranged stuff, and then slept, woke up at 9PM bored, went out for stroll, found a hooters, like the interesting name, then went in and had a beer with onion rings, I had went in slippers and thought ki saaaley pitega,,,but it turned out fine...

The hotel and weather is fone, but there is no food mall in walking distance, will try get a ride from someone in office today, or might take a taxi to get stuff for my 2 days. Glad i got some basic stuff like biscuits, tea and magi, so that i don't feel myself in big shit...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

unwanted 72

Recently i have switched back to radio, after listening for weeks a devotional/instrumental CD from Prashant and now a days radio is flooded about advertisments of morning after pill..and it makes me very sick, coz what is the message we are passing across.....have sex dont worry, pop the pill in morning,..

I m sure these pills would be having some side effects, but that's just hidden, and it might be doing long term damage to girls...

These advertisements come so many times continuously and so different brands it is sickening...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Raleigh here i come

I am going to Raleigh, North carolina for 2 weeks, from 9-22 March. Short trip and i hope it goes off without any hiccups. Long time since i last went to US, so this comes as a nice change..And hopefully i would be blogging more when there, dont think Raleigh has too much to do and being alone there would have all the time to pass. And i hope i dont gain any more weight....America, to me is cheesy food and loads of beer ...he he he

Reasons to be glad to be a dad

This article http://www.babycentre.co.uk/baby/dads/50reasonsgladadad/ inspired me to write my reasons,,
  1. Now i have someone who likes chocolates, ice creams and pastries like me.
  2. There is someone who plays peek a boo.
  3. someone who is so so happy to see me home.
  4. She likes to make me eat with spoon like i do sometimes with her.
  5. She also likes to tease me and eat food herself
  6. I can sing poems again, now i know many of them.
  7. Feeding the street dog bones/milk has become a family activity.
  8. Sleeping with your child cuddling besides you is heavenly.
  9. The smile on your childs face on seeing you is above all..
  10. more to come.......

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NDTV show: Should blogs be regulated?

NDTV recently did a talk ashow with Barkha dutt and the topic was should blogs be regulated,, Its real sad and pathetic that they could not find any better/interesting topic. Here is my view--

On a bigger level, could/should internet be regulated? Regulation is never a long term solution, it leads to corruption, tension and other problems.

Seeing some part of video here is what came out, Barkha has very limited knowledge about blogs and features available. If i go for blogs which have lots of sexual material, the number would be very small, however her interest was there only..I think INdia is the Land of the kamasutra but 2 scared to admit sex as a reality and talk about it...

Barkha i think will manage to get lot of publicity by this and lot of popularity (badnaami hui to kiya hua, naam to hua), in this present age where there are dozens of news channels with even more talk shows and news in which people are not interested, if you can catch peoples attention its a good feat.

I could not manage to see whole video, but the talk debate is so pointless and toothless probably i wont waste more time on it also..

here is another opinion on this show

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Delhi bloggers meet XXI

Delhi bloggers met at blues and it had a bigger attendance than usual, probably because it was the 4th aniv. meet of the delhibloggers yahoo grp members. Fairy has done a nice job of making all of us stick for this time.

Only lalit has posted his pics, i did not take my cam and waiting for more people.

Probably the last minute confusion because of the other Bloggers group that has recently formed helped to increase the interest in this meet for all the members of this group. Propelled everybody to come out more openly. Larger number of people makes for some interesting interactions and this meet turned out to be a much better experience than the previous ones. Probably booze and music also helps :-)

A video was also being made and i waiting for it. Many people did not know about my bribe blog and i think it made people realise that blogs can be a medium of change, to raise social awareness and not just a webpage with random rants and views.

Rupali and Sanjay made the event success, rupali with her management and Sanjay with the cake and his ever present smile. And the rest with whom it was a pleasure meeting :-)

Met a person working for ibibo, i called it desi orkut/facebook and the expression/reaction was interesting :-)

I am looking forward to when we meet next...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Nano and traffic

With the latest launch of nano by tata, everybody has started worrying about the traffic,, and it is outrightly stupid..Why-

  • 2 wheelers provide better average and are cheaper to maintain..So all 2 wheeler people wont shift. Those who buy premium bikes, buy for fun, not because of economy.
  • And car under 1 lack was available (though second hand) and the EMI culture made also the car with 3-3.5 lack bracket affordable..
We need to applaud the tata wonder, the engineering and cost marvel they have done. It should be a nano inspiration.

Friday, January 11, 2008


  • How is calling someone a monkey a racist comment?
  • Why is it easier to find reasons to not do a thing, than to do it?
Second question comes from the fact that people find more reasons to not introduce the I-card checking in Delhi. Because we are scared of bribing?? Because we bribe without a fight..

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sportsman spirit lost

All those who play or played cricket ever lost one thing in this India-Australia series, the sportsman spirit. Now when i teach my child cricket or football i should also teach them to cheat? And be proud about cheating if you fool the umpire.. We had cricketing examples in the past when players walked off when they were out but given not out by umpires...Now thats history...Nobody i think will be doing a thing like it ever again..coz in todays world its not sportsman spirit its being foolish.. In todays world all your ethics and values have become foolishness, what is important is how to fool others and gain benefit.

Earlier it was the match fixing scandal which made me realise how big a fool i am in believing in the matches and the game,,,and now it plain pure cheating...and even worse being defiant about it..

Monday, January 07, 2008

mysterious visitor-2

The blog is still visited by the mysterious visitor . Now the location has changed to Tampa, Florida..

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Friday, January 04, 2008

More Questions

  • Can there be a win win situation when one person considers his win only at others loss?
  • Should one work for someone or have a worker when there is no faith?
  • is it possible to have another Gandhi? To be able to give another cheek when u r slapped on one?
  • Why is it so hard to agree to disagree?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Neitya enjoying cake

Neitya's Bday went well, everybody enjoyed and Neitya also had fun. Pics on flickr