Monday, December 03, 2007

The rising rupee

The rising rupee or the falling dollar is something that almost every IT person is thinking of now a days, probably besides the stock markets..The rupee is now almost around 35 rupees=1$ and if some people are to be believed it will go up further.

What are IT companies doing -
1. Some experimenting with 6 days/week
2. Buses instead of cabs.
3. Reducing the bench size.
4. Removing non performers.
5. Cutting admin costs with less notepads, printer pages.

The IT industry has been having a dream run in the last few yrs and how it unfolds in the days to come will be something to watch out for..

On the other hand, earlier an onsite trip to US was something that was hardly fought for,,even today also, but still now what u can earn there and bring back has been reduced much.

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