Monday, December 24, 2007

My Safari

Safari front view
Originally uploaded by ankur186
Here is my safari, for a few days it was very tough to digest the fact that i have finally bought it....IT IS MINE...But now approx 2k km and 1 month later i am more accustomed to this fact.

I now need to get seat covers, reverse cam and fog lights fitted, and then i think it is decently accessorised..Safari base model i.e. LX costed less than 8lacks on road, delhi. And it has almost everything that one needs, 2 good for a base model. U got power windows and steering, internally adjustable side mirrors.

I m loving driving it, now the roads dont feel that bad anymore, nor people driving dangerously and cutting into my car scare its my turn to scare people....he he he ha ha ha

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tough questions

Some questions for which i dont have answers.

1. Why is a good delivery a good team work and bad delivery because of bad testing job?
2. Why does nobody think about the process when the things are going right?
3. Can a bad product be made good by extensive testing and finding bugs and then doing all the patch work?
4. Why cant trainers be magicians who transfer all they know directly to your head in the training time? Something like matrix
5. Why is it if you want to argue you can have supporting points for anything?
6. Is it ok to have a gain at the loss of your principles/beliefs?
7. Why do we have things like sadistic pleasure?
8. why is it so easy to see a glass half empty and not as half full?
9. Why dont people bother about taste of beer after they had their first bottle?
10. Why always opposites attract?

I have also now bought Gita and kept it in my car, hopefully i get some real empty time when i can get to read it,,its a very small version..

Monday, December 03, 2007

The rising rupee

The rising rupee or the falling dollar is something that almost every IT person is thinking of now a days, probably besides the stock markets..The rupee is now almost around 35 rupees=1$ and if some people are to be believed it will go up further.

What are IT companies doing -
1. Some experimenting with 6 days/week
2. Buses instead of cabs.
3. Reducing the bench size.
4. Removing non performers.
5. Cutting admin costs with less notepads, printer pages.

The IT industry has been having a dream run in the last few yrs and how it unfolds in the days to come will be something to watch out for..

On the other hand, earlier an onsite trip to US was something that was hardly fought for,,even today also, but still now what u can earn there and bring back has been reduced much.