Wednesday, October 31, 2007

mysterious visitor?

Who is this mysterious vistor to my blog??

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Monday, October 29, 2007


A 'fit' of panic is good when bad things happen -

The military has given the English language two words that brilliantly articulate different types of crises: The first is snafu, an acronym for "situation normal, all f***ed up." The second is fubar, which stands for "f***ed up beyond all recognition." As we travel the bumpy road of life, we must prepare to deal with both.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Neitya flying at Taj

Neitya flying at Taj
Originally uploaded by ankur186
Thats my baby flying at the Taj, the people were taking the same usual pics at the Taj with the same poses, and somehow i wanted to click my baby flying above taj..Nidhi started the shoot , then followed two of my friends with thier cool digital SLR and big lenses, and it was fun watching the reaction of people all around.. Both of them were on ground trying to click...Soon i found that there was another englishman who also joined the shoot,,very funny and this taj trip will be remembered for long,,,coz babies grow fast, and probably the next time we go, i wont be able to do what i am doing here,,,

How to overcome fear?

Kavita Chhibber

Q: Sadhguru, how can one overcome fear? - Rajshri, Chennai

Fear is always about what will happen in the next moment. Its never about the present. When the future is not yet manifested, and not an existed reality why be afraid? You are actually suffering for that which does not exist-and so you cannot overcome that which does not exist.

Now this is one of the dumbest answers i have ever come across..All the religious books say simply to overcome fear, surrender to god and his will, stop expecting, control wants. Just try and do the good things and dont hurt others. Leave the rest to god. The general fear is to loose something, but on a larger thought one comes empty handed and goes empty handed...

That reminds me of story when the Sikander (Alexander the great) was dying his last wish was to see his mother. However he was told that he is sick and would not live the journey.. He laughed, and said, when my final procession is taken, keep my hands in open and facing upwards and open..that would show to world that even alexander who conquered the world, died empty handed....

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Difference between a Brahmin and a Pandit?

To many people the word brahmin and pandit means the same. I wanted my 2 brahmin friends accompanying me to a recent Jaipur trip, to visit the Amer fort temple. They wanted to leave fast and rest. I insisted..In the heat of Amer and the afternoon, my friend retorted "There is a difference between brahmins and Pandits", i stuck to my guns, "Whatever but i want you visiting the temple". A bystander (sharmaji) could not stop himself from asking the difference between brahmins and pandit (in his lovely heavily accented khadi boli) with my friend OM, and OM gave a very straight and accurate reply...Sharmaji was dumb struck,,,I don't remember the reply as i was enjoying the expression on sharmajis face after the reply from OM..

Answer - 
Pandits usually charge a fees for things that they do... like karm kand etc...

Brahmins are the ones who are also priests, gurus etc but live on dakshina and not fees...