Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hindus welcome a new era of Self-realization and God-realization beyond the boundaries of dogma and institution, honoring all individuals, all cultures and all spiritual aspiration. Let us honor that Self in all beings regardless of religious affiliation, ethnicity or culture. This will not only lead us to a truly new millennium but also allow us to transcend time and karma altogether, which is the real goal of our eternal striving.

I will be devoting time in the coming time in trying to read about hinduism and get my thoughts on it..The hinduism i see around me..The religion beyong fanaticism,, I feel hinduism has been put in a bad light gloabally by india-pakistan conflicts, Ayodhya and few other things. The whole good gets ignored because of this....

A hindu goes to a gurudwara and prays and a sikh prays in a temple and the whole world wants to see these people as separate....we all are separate and as one..The beauty of hinduism is in its amazing sponge like absorbing power to absorb all influence..


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i would like to read all you have to say here !!!

keep it up !!!

AM I A HINDU? Best Seller said...

Namasthe Ankur: Believe or not, Hindu influence in US is increazing,


1. Hinduism is a culture and not an organized religion like Christianity.

2. It has no hidden agenda or motive expect to search after truth.

3. As Rig Veda 89-1 wrote, it welcomes truth from every side.

4. It does NOT proclaim monopoly on GOD or TRUTH or SALAVTION.

5. Absolute FREEDOM OF THOUGHTS & ACTIONS is the cardinal principle of Hinduism.

6 Hindus do NOT actively convert people from other religions to Hinduism.