Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cars- Test drives and views

Went to Mathura road today and went to GM, tata, maruti and Hyundai showrooms.
  • Impressed by the feel, power and space of Hyundai Getz 1.1 - Price 4.2 lacks for the base model
  • Disappointed by AC and power of chevy Uva
  • Indigo XL has amazing back seat room. The price is equally good tooo.
  • Swift diesel is something i have to take a test drive.
  • In driving Mahindra scorpio is better than Tata Safari Dicor.
  • Mahindra logan diesel is a big disappointment. Very hard gears and steering. Quality of drive is poor. - 6 lacks
  • Verna diesel is amazingly silent. Nice power and very very refined feel- 8 lacks.
  • Tata safari has nice looks and best in its class..
  • Maruti SX4 is not as expensive as it looks...Looks awesome. the best in its class..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Are we alive anymore?

Yesterday saw a blind man crossing the road and the whole traffic was so eager to go over him and so reluctant to stop.. Shayad hum sab mein insaniyat bahut kam rah gayi hai..we all r running an endless race blindly,,just running.. The blind man was trying to cross the road, and unfortunately there was a railing in the middle. Between the railing and the opening in the railing there was the bougainvillea shrub. Anyways i just stopped my bike and jumped and helped him cross the road. I could not help but wonder how he cud see with his feet,,and sense where he had to take a step up to get on the median and step down from the median... It took me barely 2-3 mins to help him out,,

But y cud not anyone else see a blind man crossing a road and help him? When i saw him he was precariously in the middle of road..

Anyways,,such incidents are a shame to all of us able bodied persons..a shame for humanity...