Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good and Bad continues

  • Good - I finally get to visit the Khatu shyam temple
  • Bad - Bad accident with a tractor trolley on the way back. Car destroyed from front.
  • Good- All escape almost uninjured., minor shock injuries.
  • Bad- car catches fire.
  • Good- Fire gets extinguished quickly.
  • Bad- Accident in the middle of nowhere and almost nobody to call for help because of distance from Delhi is about 250 KM.
  • Good- My old friend in Jaipur comes to rescue. Calls his local contact who help me find a transportation for the car to delhi.
  • Bad - No transport easily available for Delhi.
  • Good - Finally catch hold of one after 6 hours.
  • Bad- Delhi has no entry of heavy vehicles and i need to reach the workshop in daytime so that the car can be unloaded.
  • Good- Traffic police listens to my dad and lets us go through.
  • Good- We are able to find an auto just outside the workshop to finally drop us home.
  • Bad- The front wheel of auto comes out, it jumps.
  • Good- We are not injured.

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