Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good and bad times

This Sunday was meant to be a nice family affair with lunch at chachis place in Noida. We also planned to go to the great indian place Noida mall and checkout lifestyle etc.

We started slightly late and then i felt that car was dragging and quivering slightly. I feared puncture and unfortunately i was correct. Changed tyre myself as the breakdown service people take around 30 mins.

Then A/c's at chachis place were completely ineffective in the summer heat.

On way back had a minor accident with a Zen, the ass just came out of a sidelane into the middle of road. Even after hard brakes, i screeched to a halt but bumped him. I signaled him to go as i was travelling with family and was not interested in an argument, seems the old man in the car took it to be my weakness and came out of the car like a Hero.

He asked me to come out, i said park the car on the sides and then lets talk. Blocking the road is damn stupid. I asked my bro in lae to get down so that he does not feel that i will run away and then started to move my car to one side. The ass still felt that i was running away and started abusing me and running after my car. I got furious, stopped car, then backed the car in a vain attempt to overrun him, failed, then again moved the car ahead and tried over running him again,,,failed again. Then parked the car to one side and raced to him, got hold of his collar and asked what is the problem? I told him to call police and he was reluctant. I said lets drive to Malviya nagar police station,,again NO. Then he said what police will do, just pay for my car dues., I was to slap and kick his ass, but dad being with my i tried to be patient.

Then he told to scare me that he is an advocate,,,,height of being idiot..The n i told him, take down the car number and do whatever. Being a lawyer he should better understand the law.

So finally a stupid ending to the day, when you try being nice and people make you go crazy..

Monday went to meet doc at safdarjung for the baby and he confirmed my worst fear. We need to go for surgery for the 18 month old child.

Later in evening saw the phone bill and found that some 149 rs have been charged as one time fees by airtel. Called them up and banged my head against a dumb call center exec. More frustration....Then later lodged a strong complaint online.

My phone speaker also suddenly started sounding slow...Now this was way 2 many things going wrong....

Tuesday, went to market to get the puncture rectified. I was suspecting the tube to be torn coz as always some distance had been driven with puncture. However there was just one small puncture, the nail did not go completely inside the tyre.

Then went to get the phone rectified, and the mechanic initially refused as it was late, but then he just removed the speaker plug, brushed, and it was fine..So no expense on the phone.

Airtel called and said they have withdrawn money and giving me a further credit of 120 rs as service guarantee,,,,Now things seem to be going right,,

Tomorrow, need to go to Apollo hospital to get the preapproval for cashless admission done.

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~ | | OM | | ~ said...

This is a lot that happened...

Especially the bugger in the ZEN..

Will talk about that surgery to you offline...

Priyanka said...

Aww! I too had an accident on Friday morning...someone was speeding up on a round about, lost control and banged into the rear right door. He managed to ran away & I was so shocked that I didn't even note the number. Since I coulkdn't do anything about it I decided not to fret over it.

What happened to the darling child?? I hope she gets well soon...God Bless her!

Take care,

~ Deeps ~ said...

wat has happened to nitya ?