Sunday, May 13, 2007

You and your car -2

This is in continuation for You and your car-
  • Safari- Those who want to own an SUV with a panache for style. Do not want to really go for proper high end SUV. ust an SUV which has some style and can handle Indian roads. These are people whom i may be friends with.
  • Scorpio- People who want an economical, decent SUV with decent performance and they don't want to own innova/tavera which have the taxi image. These are people with whom friendship can be done with care.
  • Innova/tavera- These are analyst people, or those who understand that indian car will have Indian troubles, so better go in for international SUV with decent price and performance. Somehow i feel these are the people with whom i wont just click,,,not my type, but i may like them for Analyst mind and understanding of the cars.
  • Accent- Good price etc, average people, who are smart enough to understand that esteem is outdated and buy the 3 box car made for Indian people with good price.
  • Accent viva- those who like style and willing to pay the premium also. I feel these are the people who can appreciate the finer things in life.
  • Skoda- New rich people.
  • Corolla - Rich and people who dont want to take any risk...
  • Camry/Merc- Old rich people. They are like with whom money flows in generations.
  • Cars above 18-20 lacks- outside my comment area.

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