Thursday, April 19, 2007

Citibank admits mistake after CNBC intervention

Finally i got a call from citibank northern india head based on my complaint to CNN- pehredaar. He finally admits that for citibank it was a learning experience and they should not be sending an important document like ECS mandate through UPS for which they do not get any proof of delivery.

CNN calls me for interview yesterday and i went and told them the whole ECS story,,,lets c how it is aired. Time is sat 21 april 2.30 PM.. CNN-IBN-Pehredaar.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Opera experiment

i m trying opera web browser now and seems to be liking it. Found RAM issues with firefox, it eats 2 much RAM if some tabs are opened and browser is on since a long time. Accidently also discovered the email client with Opera. Now it also helps me avoid the performance hogging by outlook.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Learning ECS the hard way with Citibank credit card--Part 2

I visited ABN AMRO and asked them to prosecute Citibank as they have raised unauthorised ECS against my account. ABN said citibank is my problem, they will charge me for ECS rejection, i can do anything i want, they will not revert the charges,

Citibank said they will revert the ECS return charges only when they are sure that it has got something to do with them. Citibank then callously advises me to give mandate to ABN if they are asking again, What is the issue? ASSHOLES...

Anyways, i escalated ABN issue to grivience redressal and they reverted the amount on condition that they wont do it again, Either i should confirm the rejection of ECS with citibank or give them a mandate. SO i cancelled the ECS request with citibank online and then asked ABN to refund me charges which they did.

I sent email to citibank that i will cancel the card if they dont return the ecs reversal charges and they also obliged and return the charges.

Now things are back to square one, but all my effort and phone calls are in wain. Now citibank informs me after many emails that they had sent the ECS mandate to ABN via UCP (simple post office mail), Maybe citibank saved some money in this, but i wonder how they can treat an important document like ECS mandate this callously.

So citibank says it is right as they had sent the ECS mandate.

ABN is right as they say that they did not recieve the mandate.

I am the Stupid customer between them.

However increasingly i see that citibank treated the ECS opportunity to make some money rather than to be customer centric. And the emails recieved from K Santhanam, the nodal officer are equally dumb. First they advise me to give mandate again and then they send me a scanned copy of UCP. I wonder what that scanned copy is of use??? I WONDER I WONDER.....

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Learning ECS the hard way with Citibank credit card--Part 1

Decided to opt for ECS (electronic clearing service) for my Citibank card payment. Completed formalities and registered for the ECS on citibank online. Sent them the printed format with crossed check as told on the site and also got a confirmation letter from them that all is OK.

Now comes the best part, the first ECS raised by citibank to ABN is rejected by ABN as they say they have not received the ECS mandate (Citibank should have given ABN the mandate after verification which i had emailed to them). ABN charged me 112 for the ECS rejection and Citibank also charges me around 900 Rs in terms of late charges, interest etc. I tried checking from citibank, that why am i being penalised for thier mistake and they try to give me some stupid reasons. Most of the people at thier call center do not have the clarity on the ECS process...

More...on this soon...

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Bluetooth blues- XP and Ubuntu

Bought a bluetooth USB dongle recently from rediff for Rs 339 and somehow it wont work on my both laptop or the desktop.

I was very easy to run on ubuntu though, but still had some issues which need more time.

All XP manuals on net say i should see bluetooth in my control panel. and it is just not there. Reinstalled the sp2 service pack, still no successs. Googling was also no success...

Probably i should just buy the USB cable for my samsung phone..

New Ubuntu version is also going to be out soon, maybe better working on it..

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fiat Petra servicing

Now i have decided to chuck the regular authorised service station for my fiat petra in favor of my local mechanic. Atleast i am sure about the quality of the oil, and get the job done in no time under my supervision.

The oil i checked recently and it looked pretty dirty, time to get it and the filter changed, and CNG also needs checking, Done almost 10k with my CNG now.

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