Monday, February 19, 2007

Grasslands of Corbett

Grasslands of Corbett
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Went to Jim Corbett park on this weekend. Stayed at eautiful camp kyaari on the outskirts of corbett, Indulged ion adventure sports, like body surfing, river crossing and rappling.

A totally fun filled trip...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Phone

SAMSUNG's Digital World - Slide-Up Type | SGH-E250

Its time to buy a new phone and this phone from samsung comes pretty close to what u can say is Cheap (Rs 7400) and good. Other phones considered-
  1. LG choclate- Good looks
  2. LG Dynamite- KG300- Awesome features
  3. Nokia 5200 and 5300
Most confusing was trying to compare Nokia 5200 and 5300. The look almost the same. Price is like 5400 and 11k.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Orkut communities

Just by seeing the orkut communities it becomes very easy to zero in on an individual. ALmost everyone is a member of a community of their school, college and office, or old offices. Few communities of their interestes and lcoation..

How anonumous is anonymous on Orkut. It is v similar to when the google made the search requests from a PC available to all and then people were able to locate who was that individual...

Online world is becoming interesting by the day..

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mobile Advts

~|| Life as a (W)hole ||~: MoBiLe Ads....

Prashant got an SMS offering services.

Personally i never am against sex trade, i want it legalised, its the oldest profession and we have tried since ages to ban/block it without success..So Lets legalise and control it and ensure some rights for those who are in this profession.

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Yahoo mail code available to all

Mail code ripped open - Indiatimes Infotech

Now it will be fun to watch how it evolves more. If we get some new and fun extensions for yahoo mail.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Asus in mobile phones

All Asus phones

Just going through GSM Arena website saw that now ASUS and GIGABYTE, the two players that have god presence in the computer motherboard etc market have also entered the mobile phones market.

Will they be able to give market a new churn?

Spice telecom in indian also seems to be coming with some mobiles, but i could not find any website from them...Are they sleeping in the internet world of today?Anyone has info on what these guys are planning to do?

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

It happens only in India

Picasa Web Albums - ~~ OM ~~ - Ajmer Puskhar... - _MG_2356.JPG

This is an image of India, Tika from Temple and the traditional Muslim cap on the way to Ajmer Dargah. I bought these caps and it was fun wearing them and going there. really felt great. If it were not for the nagging beggars at the Dargah the experience would have been much much awesome.

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Indian Power

BBC NEWS | Business | India's Tata wins race for Corus

The Indian power is growing worldwide. Shilpa shetty wins big brother despite almost all other contestants detesting her, and now tata wins race for corus.

I think our position is not that of an underdog anymore. We may be a third world country, but now we have enough influence in first world countries also.

IF we have better education and infra, we can be on top of the first world countries in no time...

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