Monday, December 24, 2007

My Safari

Safari front view
Originally uploaded by ankur186
Here is my safari, for a few days it was very tough to digest the fact that i have finally bought it....IT IS MINE...But now approx 2k km and 1 month later i am more accustomed to this fact.

I now need to get seat covers, reverse cam and fog lights fitted, and then i think it is decently accessorised..Safari base model i.e. LX costed less than 8lacks on road, delhi. And it has almost everything that one needs, 2 good for a base model. U got power windows and steering, internally adjustable side mirrors.

I m loving driving it, now the roads dont feel that bad anymore, nor people driving dangerously and cutting into my car scare its my turn to scare people....he he he ha ha ha

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tough questions

Some questions for which i dont have answers.

1. Why is a good delivery a good team work and bad delivery because of bad testing job?
2. Why does nobody think about the process when the things are going right?
3. Can a bad product be made good by extensive testing and finding bugs and then doing all the patch work?
4. Why cant trainers be magicians who transfer all they know directly to your head in the training time? Something like matrix
5. Why is it if you want to argue you can have supporting points for anything?
6. Is it ok to have a gain at the loss of your principles/beliefs?
7. Why do we have things like sadistic pleasure?
8. why is it so easy to see a glass half empty and not as half full?
9. Why dont people bother about taste of beer after they had their first bottle?
10. Why always opposites attract?

I have also now bought Gita and kept it in my car, hopefully i get some real empty time when i can get to read it,,its a very small version..

Monday, December 03, 2007

The rising rupee

The rising rupee or the falling dollar is something that almost every IT person is thinking of now a days, probably besides the stock markets..The rupee is now almost around 35 rupees=1$ and if some people are to be believed it will go up further.

What are IT companies doing -
1. Some experimenting with 6 days/week
2. Buses instead of cabs.
3. Reducing the bench size.
4. Removing non performers.
5. Cutting admin costs with less notepads, printer pages.

The IT industry has been having a dream run in the last few yrs and how it unfolds in the days to come will be something to watch out for..

On the other hand, earlier an onsite trip to US was something that was hardly fought for,,even today also, but still now what u can earn there and bring back has been reduced much.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT lx part-1

I just bought a New Safari 2.2 VTT this weekend, very precisely on the 17 Nov 2007. Its black color and i wud sure click and post some pics pretty soon, presently just lazy about it...One early learning i have is that with these big cars its good to go with authorized showroom electrical accessories...The local guys do a good job with Zen and wagon R but they bloody cant fit a central locking in this beast..

Anyways driving the car is sure bliss. The gearing ratios are pretty good now, so u do not need to quickly change gears, the one problem i had with 3.0 dicor. Power steering and aesthetics have also improved with this new dicor.

Delhi registration is still not available for the new safari. The Delhi RTO has not approved it yet for del registration. I therefore am registering it at Gurgaon address.

Its still very hard to digest the fact for me that i own a safari, this was a dream since long...Now i can dream more...hmmmm,........wats next??

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Friday, November 16, 2007


The Code C.R.A.P. Metric Hits the Fan - Introducing the crap4j Plug-in

at first i thought it to be a joke, but no its not. It infact makes sense. Something after a long time which makes sense, i like the idea..

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

browser browser

I have always experimented with browsers and tried many with different levels of satisfaction. Maximum have used firefox, mainly because in the very beginning it offered some cool addons, different search engines and other nifty features much before Microsoft offered them with IE7.

Latest kid on the block is Flock. Its called a social browser. It has some cool feature support for blogging, media and flickr. It is also based on mozilla like firefox and can use same addons. I am confused whether to move to it, or stick with firefox. One of the very small feature which flock misses out on are bookmark shortcuts, which i use a lot to open the frequently visited sites on Firefox. This reminds me of the dial feature in opera. Opera has awesome performance and its wand which fills passwords for u is much more convenient. just do ctrl+enter and u r done. Opera also offers a very fast mail client also bundled in it.

My IE2 and Avant are two wrappers on IE. They offer some more functionality and look above the IE. I like Avant and my bro likes MyIE2.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I M missing mountains

It has really been a long time since i went anywhere in the mountains,,,been v long indeeed. I m missing that clean air, the fresh breeze, the turning roads.. I need to plan something,,,something soon.. Maybe something after the initial servicing of the safari..But it wud need a rear camera if i decide to take it to mountains,,,lets c..Abhi to sab khayali pulao hain..

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Friday, November 09, 2007

5 weird things about newborns -

5 weird things about newborns -

I remember the time when Neitya was born and whatever we may feel is a problem, is normal. So, baby waking up all the time is normal, baby crying for nothing is normal, black patches on baby is normal, its kind of funny.. I remember a doc saying that big belly button might be hernia, but another doc saying thats normal and we need to wait and see..

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

prayer verse

Today in temple heard the following verse being recited -

Kuputro jaayate kadapi kumata na bhavate

This means --There can be born a bad son, but there can never be a bad mother.

This got me thinking---
--How can some people be insensitive to their parents?
--Even in todays times, can there never be a bad mother? Probably yes, no mentally sane mother can think or do anything bad for her sons/daughters.

Today after a v long time i missed being fluent in sanskrit. when the beautiful prayer recital was going in the temple..

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

mysterious visitor?

Who is this mysterious vistor to my blog??

Referring Link: No referring link
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IP Address : [Label IP Address]
Country : United States
Region : Florida
City : St. Petersburg
ISP : Earthlink Inc
Returning Visits : 33
Visit Length : Multiple visits spread over more than one day

Browser MSIE 6.0
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 1280x1024
Javascript Enabled

Monday, October 29, 2007


A 'fit' of panic is good when bad things happen -

The military has given the English language two words that brilliantly articulate different types of crises: The first is snafu, an acronym for "situation normal, all f***ed up." The second is fubar, which stands for "f***ed up beyond all recognition." As we travel the bumpy road of life, we must prepare to deal with both.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Neitya flying at Taj

Neitya flying at Taj
Originally uploaded by ankur186
Thats my baby flying at the Taj, the people were taking the same usual pics at the Taj with the same poses, and somehow i wanted to click my baby flying above taj..Nidhi started the shoot , then followed two of my friends with thier cool digital SLR and big lenses, and it was fun watching the reaction of people all around.. Both of them were on ground trying to click...Soon i found that there was another englishman who also joined the shoot,,very funny and this taj trip will be remembered for long,,,coz babies grow fast, and probably the next time we go, i wont be able to do what i am doing here,,,

How to overcome fear?

Kavita Chhibber

Q: Sadhguru, how can one overcome fear? - Rajshri, Chennai

Fear is always about what will happen in the next moment. Its never about the present. When the future is not yet manifested, and not an existed reality why be afraid? You are actually suffering for that which does not exist-and so you cannot overcome that which does not exist.

Now this is one of the dumbest answers i have ever come across..All the religious books say simply to overcome fear, surrender to god and his will, stop expecting, control wants. Just try and do the good things and dont hurt others. Leave the rest to god. The general fear is to loose something, but on a larger thought one comes empty handed and goes empty handed...

That reminds me of story when the Sikander (Alexander the great) was dying his last wish was to see his mother. However he was told that he is sick and would not live the journey.. He laughed, and said, when my final procession is taken, keep my hands in open and facing upwards and open..that would show to world that even alexander who conquered the world, died empty handed....

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Difference between a Brahmin and a Pandit?

To many people the word brahmin and pandit means the same. I wanted my 2 brahmin friends accompanying me to a recent Jaipur trip, to visit the Amer fort temple. They wanted to leave fast and rest. I insisted..In the heat of Amer and the afternoon, my friend retorted "There is a difference between brahmins and Pandits", i stuck to my guns, "Whatever but i want you visiting the temple". A bystander (sharmaji) could not stop himself from asking the difference between brahmins and pandit (in his lovely heavily accented khadi boli) with my friend OM, and OM gave a very straight and accurate reply...Sharmaji was dumb struck,,,I don't remember the reply as i was enjoying the expression on sharmajis face after the reply from OM..

Answer - 
Pandits usually charge a fees for things that they do... like karm kand etc...

Brahmins are the ones who are also priests, gurus etc but live on dakshina and not fees...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why we disagree

Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda

A beautiful story by swami viekananda just says beautifully on how and why we disagree. It is very important that even though people may disgree they both may be right. How important it is to understand this basic truth..

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hindus welcome a new era of Self-realization and God-realization beyond the boundaries of dogma and institution, honoring all individuals, all cultures and all spiritual aspiration. Let us honor that Self in all beings regardless of religious affiliation, ethnicity or culture. This will not only lead us to a truly new millennium but also allow us to transcend time and karma altogether, which is the real goal of our eternal striving.

I will be devoting time in the coming time in trying to read about hinduism and get my thoughts on it..The hinduism i see around me..The religion beyong fanaticism,, I feel hinduism has been put in a bad light gloabally by india-pakistan conflicts, Ayodhya and few other things. The whole good gets ignored because of this....

A hindu goes to a gurudwara and prays and a sikh prays in a temple and the whole world wants to see these people as separate....we all are separate and as one..The beauty of hinduism is in its amazing sponge like absorbing power to absorb all influence..

Monday, September 03, 2007

HSBC credit card- BEWARE

HSBC has adopted a unique way of making money. You drop the cheque on time, they dont process it by the due date and then charge you all the late payment charges etc. Also they continue to harass you on phone even when you tell them the payment has been done. They would call 5 times at your mobile, office, home just to ask 10 times about the payment which you have already made.

The email to nodal officer gets no response.

The customer care tells you to drop another cheque and block the one you dropped earlier. I wonder who would pay the cheque stop charges in this case. My Bank ABN charges me Rs 112 per cheque stop.

Finally i decided to drop another cheque assuming that they might have lost the old one. Then magically they withdrew both my cheques, effectively taking extra payment and levied me finance charges etc. When i protested my account was closed. They did not even bother to inform me on phone of my credit card account closure. On further followup they finally sent me the cheque for the extra amount that they had withdrawn, but in the whole process they made sure that they charge me the finance charges etc... Even when i had made the payment on time..

Anyways, please beware of HSBC. I have had citibank for 3 yrs and even though they have thier own problems they were never so pathetic. Even SBI credit card is better. At least they all don’t harass the customers who pay on time.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cars- Test drives and views

Went to Mathura road today and went to GM, tata, maruti and Hyundai showrooms.
  • Impressed by the feel, power and space of Hyundai Getz 1.1 - Price 4.2 lacks for the base model
  • Disappointed by AC and power of chevy Uva
  • Indigo XL has amazing back seat room. The price is equally good tooo.
  • Swift diesel is something i have to take a test drive.
  • In driving Mahindra scorpio is better than Tata Safari Dicor.
  • Mahindra logan diesel is a big disappointment. Very hard gears and steering. Quality of drive is poor. - 6 lacks
  • Verna diesel is amazingly silent. Nice power and very very refined feel- 8 lacks.
  • Tata safari has nice looks and best in its class..
  • Maruti SX4 is not as expensive as it looks...Looks awesome. the best in its class..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Are we alive anymore?

Yesterday saw a blind man crossing the road and the whole traffic was so eager to go over him and so reluctant to stop.. Shayad hum sab mein insaniyat bahut kam rah gayi hai..we all r running an endless race blindly,,just running.. The blind man was trying to cross the road, and unfortunately there was a railing in the middle. Between the railing and the opening in the railing there was the bougainvillea shrub. Anyways i just stopped my bike and jumped and helped him cross the road. I could not help but wonder how he cud see with his feet,,and sense where he had to take a step up to get on the median and step down from the median... It took me barely 2-3 mins to help him out,,

But y cud not anyone else see a blind man crossing a road and help him? When i saw him he was precariously in the middle of road..

Anyways,,such incidents are a shame to all of us able bodied persons..a shame for humanity...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good and Bad continues

  • Good - I finally get to visit the Khatu shyam temple
  • Bad - Bad accident with a tractor trolley on the way back. Car destroyed from front.
  • Good- All escape almost uninjured., minor shock injuries.
  • Bad- car catches fire.
  • Good- Fire gets extinguished quickly.
  • Bad- Accident in the middle of nowhere and almost nobody to call for help because of distance from Delhi is about 250 KM.
  • Good- My old friend in Jaipur comes to rescue. Calls his local contact who help me find a transportation for the car to delhi.
  • Bad - No transport easily available for Delhi.
  • Good - Finally catch hold of one after 6 hours.
  • Bad- Delhi has no entry of heavy vehicles and i need to reach the workshop in daytime so that the car can be unloaded.
  • Good- Traffic police listens to my dad and lets us go through.
  • Good- We are able to find an auto just outside the workshop to finally drop us home.
  • Bad- The front wheel of auto comes out, it jumps.
  • Good- We are not injured.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good and Bad times -2

  • Pathetic service and customer responsiveness of Apollo - I am thinking of starting a blog where people can share their experiences of Delhi hospitals and docs.
  • During operation doc sees that in addition to the PUJ obstruction there is strong possibility of VUJ obstruction in the baby as well. No ultrasounds showed what they saw when they went inside.
  • What could have been a laproscopic surgery with a set pattern becomes an open operation with an added nephrostomy tube to be there till July 2.
  • VUJ obstruction might not be there - will be confirmed with tests on July 2.
  • Baby fine after surgery and playing..

Friday, June 15, 2007

What is Petra?

n7w: Petra

I own a Fiat petra since more than 2 years and only today i come to know what is was,,,very interesting, inspiring and surely my taste :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good and bad times

This Sunday was meant to be a nice family affair with lunch at chachis place in Noida. We also planned to go to the great indian place Noida mall and checkout lifestyle etc.

We started slightly late and then i felt that car was dragging and quivering slightly. I feared puncture and unfortunately i was correct. Changed tyre myself as the breakdown service people take around 30 mins.

Then A/c's at chachis place were completely ineffective in the summer heat.

On way back had a minor accident with a Zen, the ass just came out of a sidelane into the middle of road. Even after hard brakes, i screeched to a halt but bumped him. I signaled him to go as i was travelling with family and was not interested in an argument, seems the old man in the car took it to be my weakness and came out of the car like a Hero.

He asked me to come out, i said park the car on the sides and then lets talk. Blocking the road is damn stupid. I asked my bro in lae to get down so that he does not feel that i will run away and then started to move my car to one side. The ass still felt that i was running away and started abusing me and running after my car. I got furious, stopped car, then backed the car in a vain attempt to overrun him, failed, then again moved the car ahead and tried over running him again,,,failed again. Then parked the car to one side and raced to him, got hold of his collar and asked what is the problem? I told him to call police and he was reluctant. I said lets drive to Malviya nagar police station,,again NO. Then he said what police will do, just pay for my car dues., I was to slap and kick his ass, but dad being with my i tried to be patient.

Then he told to scare me that he is an advocate,,,,height of being idiot..The n i told him, take down the car number and do whatever. Being a lawyer he should better understand the law.

So finally a stupid ending to the day, when you try being nice and people make you go crazy..

Monday went to meet doc at safdarjung for the baby and he confirmed my worst fear. We need to go for surgery for the 18 month old child.

Later in evening saw the phone bill and found that some 149 rs have been charged as one time fees by airtel. Called them up and banged my head against a dumb call center exec. More frustration....Then later lodged a strong complaint online.

My phone speaker also suddenly started sounding slow...Now this was way 2 many things going wrong....

Tuesday, went to market to get the puncture rectified. I was suspecting the tube to be torn coz as always some distance had been driven with puncture. However there was just one small puncture, the nail did not go completely inside the tyre.

Then went to get the phone rectified, and the mechanic initially refused as it was late, but then he just removed the speaker plug, brushed, and it was fine..So no expense on the phone.

Airtel called and said they have withdrawn money and giving me a further credit of 120 rs as service guarantee,,,,Now things seem to be going right,,

Tomorrow, need to go to Apollo hospital to get the preapproval for cashless admission done.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

You think you can dance?

This video is like a tribute to the unfailing human spirit.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wet and Happy

Wet and Happy
Originally uploaded by ankur_gupta10
Rains in these hot summer days feels so nice. Its said the picture says a 1000 am not adding to that ...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Docs and Money

Recently went to pediatric surgeon in one of the best hospitals of Delhi and the surgeon is one of the best in India....and he felt to me so cheap unprofessional. Did not even see the reports completely and was trying very hard to convince me one way or another to get the baby operated on....

It seems money is never enough and in a noble profession like doctor they have no ethics left. Every doc wants to operate on the smallest baby to become more experienced and add some experience.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

You and your car -2

This is in continuation for You and your car-
  • Safari- Those who want to own an SUV with a panache for style. Do not want to really go for proper high end SUV. ust an SUV which has some style and can handle Indian roads. These are people whom i may be friends with.
  • Scorpio- People who want an economical, decent SUV with decent performance and they don't want to own innova/tavera which have the taxi image. These are people with whom friendship can be done with care.
  • Innova/tavera- These are analyst people, or those who understand that indian car will have Indian troubles, so better go in for international SUV with decent price and performance. Somehow i feel these are the people with whom i wont just click,,,not my type, but i may like them for Analyst mind and understanding of the cars.
  • Accent- Good price etc, average people, who are smart enough to understand that esteem is outdated and buy the 3 box car made for Indian people with good price.
  • Accent viva- those who like style and willing to pay the premium also. I feel these are the people who can appreciate the finer things in life.
  • Skoda- New rich people.
  • Corolla - Rich and people who dont want to take any risk...
  • Camry/Merc- Old rich people. They are like with whom money flows in generations.
  • Cars above 18-20 lacks- outside my comment area.

Clicking Delhi

Today joined the Delhi flickering group on flickr and then realized that i really have not clicked Delhi at all. I need to explore Delhi more, and maybe that time will also come when i take Neitya around Delhi to make her aware about the long history of Delhi.

I click Delhi on and off from my mobile but am just to lazy to move them to my comp, and also don't like the 1 MP pics taken by my mobile...When u get used to better pics, u cant go back..

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Friday, May 11, 2007

PVR cinemas website has become pathetically slow as of late. I had almost stopped watching movies on theaters since some time, but since now my baby is slightly older I am reviving my old hobby..

Trying to book a ticket for metro for almost 2 hrs now with no success....These guys charge so much, and in addition 10 rs as convenience charge,,,and even then the site is so slow and buggy....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Thats the eating joint/pub i recently went at PVR Anupam , saket. Food, drinks and service all is nice. The range of drinks was good and vast. The place is little expensive though with drinks for rs 250 onwards and food also in that range.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bheja fry

Saw Bheja fry today. Some wonderful and refreshing jokes. There is an old saying a stupid friend is dangerous than a wise enemy.. This movie reinforces that. This is also the irony i have at work now a days where one partner manager is pretty dumb..

Movie also shows that you tend to value things more once they are gone. A serious message in a comic movie..

Saturday, May 05, 2007

You and your car

This is my opinion and nothing personal..pppl plz dont get emotional incase something u dont like..

I feel that your car, tells about the personality of the individual. Here is my take-
  • Alto/maruti 800- They want a 4 wheeler and can barely afford one.
  • santro/zen/wagon r- Want a decent 4 wheeler in the small car segment. One to go to office and come back.
  • Swift and premium hatchbacks- Those who want a small car but like to flaunt. Who want more power but not yet ready to go in for more powerful and expensive 3 box cars.
  • Fiat palio/petra- Car lovers taken in by the fabulous price and the driving pleasure.
  • Indica- price conscious, want everything. Good/decent people.
  • Esteem- Those who want a 3 box car and high resale value. Do not find driving to be a pleasurable experience, Its just something that has to be done.
  • Ford ikon flair 1.3- dumb people taken in by low price but did not realize the high maintenance.
  • Ford ikon nxt 1.6- Taken in by america, the performance of the car maybe..These people must have some american be buying this car..
  • Chevy/opel- Taken in by dealer discounts and maybe low buying price. Or these are the people who wanted to own these brands since long..
There are many more,,wait for more..

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Citibank admits mistake after CNBC intervention

Finally i got a call from citibank northern india head based on my complaint to CNN- pehredaar. He finally admits that for citibank it was a learning experience and they should not be sending an important document like ECS mandate through UPS for which they do not get any proof of delivery.

CNN calls me for interview yesterday and i went and told them the whole ECS story,,,lets c how it is aired. Time is sat 21 april 2.30 PM.. CNN-IBN-Pehredaar.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Opera experiment

i m trying opera web browser now and seems to be liking it. Found RAM issues with firefox, it eats 2 much RAM if some tabs are opened and browser is on since a long time. Accidently also discovered the email client with Opera. Now it also helps me avoid the performance hogging by outlook.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Learning ECS the hard way with Citibank credit card--Part 2

I visited ABN AMRO and asked them to prosecute Citibank as they have raised unauthorised ECS against my account. ABN said citibank is my problem, they will charge me for ECS rejection, i can do anything i want, they will not revert the charges,

Citibank said they will revert the ECS return charges only when they are sure that it has got something to do with them. Citibank then callously advises me to give mandate to ABN if they are asking again, What is the issue? ASSHOLES...

Anyways, i escalated ABN issue to grivience redressal and they reverted the amount on condition that they wont do it again, Either i should confirm the rejection of ECS with citibank or give them a mandate. SO i cancelled the ECS request with citibank online and then asked ABN to refund me charges which they did.

I sent email to citibank that i will cancel the card if they dont return the ecs reversal charges and they also obliged and return the charges.

Now things are back to square one, but all my effort and phone calls are in wain. Now citibank informs me after many emails that they had sent the ECS mandate to ABN via UCP (simple post office mail), Maybe citibank saved some money in this, but i wonder how they can treat an important document like ECS mandate this callously.

So citibank says it is right as they had sent the ECS mandate.

ABN is right as they say that they did not recieve the mandate.

I am the Stupid customer between them.

However increasingly i see that citibank treated the ECS opportunity to make some money rather than to be customer centric. And the emails recieved from K Santhanam, the nodal officer are equally dumb. First they advise me to give mandate again and then they send me a scanned copy of UCP. I wonder what that scanned copy is of use??? I WONDER I WONDER.....

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Learning ECS the hard way with Citibank credit card--Part 1

Decided to opt for ECS (electronic clearing service) for my Citibank card payment. Completed formalities and registered for the ECS on citibank online. Sent them the printed format with crossed check as told on the site and also got a confirmation letter from them that all is OK.

Now comes the best part, the first ECS raised by citibank to ABN is rejected by ABN as they say they have not received the ECS mandate (Citibank should have given ABN the mandate after verification which i had emailed to them). ABN charged me 112 for the ECS rejection and Citibank also charges me around 900 Rs in terms of late charges, interest etc. I tried checking from citibank, that why am i being penalised for thier mistake and they try to give me some stupid reasons. Most of the people at thier call center do not have the clarity on the ECS process...

More...on this soon...

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Bluetooth blues- XP and Ubuntu

Bought a bluetooth USB dongle recently from rediff for Rs 339 and somehow it wont work on my both laptop or the desktop.

I was very easy to run on ubuntu though, but still had some issues which need more time.

All XP manuals on net say i should see bluetooth in my control panel. and it is just not there. Reinstalled the sp2 service pack, still no successs. Googling was also no success...

Probably i should just buy the USB cable for my samsung phone..

New Ubuntu version is also going to be out soon, maybe better working on it..

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fiat Petra servicing

Now i have decided to chuck the regular authorised service station for my fiat petra in favor of my local mechanic. Atleast i am sure about the quality of the oil, and get the job done in no time under my supervision.

The oil i checked recently and it looked pretty dirty, time to get it and the filter changed, and CNG also needs checking, Done almost 10k with my CNG now.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Collections on Flickr

One more really nice feature added by Flickr is the collections. My sets had far increased. Now collections present a neat way to showcase all my sets in collections. Flickr always comes up with some user friendly features and stuff..

Picassa web albums is also great, with AJAX it gives you an awesome performance, almost like viewing pics on your desktop.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dancing with Daddy

Dancing with Daddy
Originally uploaded by ankur_gupta10.
This is daddy and Neitya dancing on the office picnic. Had a lovely time..

Monday, March 05, 2007

Ankur on Holi 2007

Ankur on Holi 2007
Originally uploaded by ankur_gupta10.
Happy Holi to Everybody

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Natual light for all rooms and dark spaces

Solatube Daylighting System and Tubular Daylighting Device for residential or commercial daylighting and sunlighting needs.

Found this interesting product during normal browsing. Sounds wonderful, just thinking of the electricity it can save me during the day..I hope it aint that expensive. Don't know the practicality of it, but the concept looks wonderful

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The number game

India won't be a superpower until it alleviates poverty - Feb. 9, 2007

This article is like "Abhi dilli door hai", "abhi superpower status door hai". Maybe yes, maybe no. The article tries to play with percentages and other numbers to support the theory. What it fails to recognise is that we have huge numbers, so percentages aint very relevant here. The small number of affluent INdians in India and abroad can make the dent that everybody thinks cant be delivered.

Corus buyout, shilpa shetty winning big brother, shouldbe signals enough,...

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Grasslands of Corbett

Grasslands of Corbett
Originally uploaded by ankur_gupta10.
Went to Jim Corbett park on this weekend. Stayed at eautiful camp kyaari on the outskirts of corbett, Indulged ion adventure sports, like body surfing, river crossing and rappling.

A totally fun filled trip...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Phone

SAMSUNG's Digital World - Slide-Up Type | SGH-E250

Its time to buy a new phone and this phone from samsung comes pretty close to what u can say is Cheap (Rs 7400) and good. Other phones considered-
  1. LG choclate- Good looks
  2. LG Dynamite- KG300- Awesome features
  3. Nokia 5200 and 5300
Most confusing was trying to compare Nokia 5200 and 5300. The look almost the same. Price is like 5400 and 11k.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Orkut communities

Just by seeing the orkut communities it becomes very easy to zero in on an individual. ALmost everyone is a member of a community of their school, college and office, or old offices. Few communities of their interestes and lcoation..

How anonumous is anonymous on Orkut. It is v similar to when the google made the search requests from a PC available to all and then people were able to locate who was that individual...

Online world is becoming interesting by the day..

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mobile Advts

~|| Life as a (W)hole ||~: MoBiLe Ads....

Prashant got an SMS offering services.

Personally i never am against sex trade, i want it legalised, its the oldest profession and we have tried since ages to ban/block it without success..So Lets legalise and control it and ensure some rights for those who are in this profession.

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Yahoo mail code available to all

Mail code ripped open - Indiatimes Infotech

Now it will be fun to watch how it evolves more. If we get some new and fun extensions for yahoo mail.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Asus in mobile phones

All Asus phones

Just going through GSM Arena website saw that now ASUS and GIGABYTE, the two players that have god presence in the computer motherboard etc market have also entered the mobile phones market.

Will they be able to give market a new churn?

Spice telecom in indian also seems to be coming with some mobiles, but i could not find any website from them...Are they sleeping in the internet world of today?Anyone has info on what these guys are planning to do?

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

It happens only in India

Picasa Web Albums - ~~ OM ~~ - Ajmer Puskhar... - _MG_2356.JPG

This is an image of India, Tika from Temple and the traditional Muslim cap on the way to Ajmer Dargah. I bought these caps and it was fun wearing them and going there. really felt great. If it were not for the nagging beggars at the Dargah the experience would have been much much awesome.

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Indian Power

BBC NEWS | Business | India's Tata wins race for Corus

The Indian power is growing worldwide. Shilpa shetty wins big brother despite almost all other contestants detesting her, and now tata wins race for corus.

I think our position is not that of an underdog anymore. We may be a third world country, but now we have enough influence in first world countries also.

IF we have better education and infra, we can be on top of the first world countries in no time...

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Neityas first independent steps

Neitya is about 1.1 yr old and this video is of her first few independent steps. She gets really excited now on seeing all the balls around

Chokhi dhaani crazy rush

Went to Chokhi dhaani and found some crazy rush there.